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Best ART FESTIVAL in DUBAI you shouldn’t miss

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Art festival in Dubai is a significant attraction dose for art freaks, art admirers, and tourists in Dubai. Each year in March, creative minds are appreciated and explored in the Dubai art season. Locals, as well as travelers from all around the globe, participate mainly in the display of Dubai artistic innovations. Undoubtedly the landmarks of Dubai allure them down to the town and festivals add a cherry to their delight. I have visited all the  many art festival in Dubai I am about to mention, and I have never seen more enthusiasm and zeal in people at any other place; be it a competition or ordinary festival. So allow me to present the view and information through words.

Each year, Art Dubai is celebrated for three days from 15th March to 18th March. It is a top-notch art fair that engages artists from not only Dubai but the whole world around. About 90 galleries are neatly lined up for the display. These galleries categorized into three strands; Marker, Modern, and Contemporary. The organization and arrangements of the whole event are incredible. The uniqueness of the Dubai art fair can be judged based on geographical themes that alter each year.

Dubai Art Festival is not only for entertainment purposes but also for an educational retreat. Several programs similar to film and radio programs go down in a shared location. Hosting of educational initiatives creates a literate environment. Besides that, social gathering in the form of Global Art Form spread updates regarding the trending innovations occurring in the International Art.

For decades, it has been a place of ordinary meet up for world’s artistic minds. Besides the fun, people seek benefits. Dubai art adds profit to their business. Dubai’s evoking traditions and heritage adds more value to the whole celebration. Dubai art exhibition occurs at Central Island which is the best location to tour around Dubai with your eyes.


Art Week occurs annually on 2nd and 3rd week of March. It is a week of 350 events initiated by Dubai Design District, Dubai Culture and Art Authority and Art Dubai Group. Also, and the Galleries Night should thank for making this happen.
Previously Dubai Art Week took place at Jumeirah, but now it has moved to a new location of D3 (Dubai Design District) where Dubai Art week 2017 took place. The event was notable for several artists because they have given the opportunity of speaking to the audience about what was important to them at the event. The exhibition of Dubai art galleries and programs like Dubai art AI Quoz, Art Nights at Gate Village all contributed equally to once again leave no option of showcasing Dubai art and culture in a unique way to the world.

Dubai showcases the ever-growing talent of not only Dubai artists but creators from all around the world. The city provides exposure to several artists and institutes in Dubai art week. Like it said before, it is beneficial for increments on several bank accounts. Through this event, the number of clients, collectors and intellectuals increases.


Sikka Art Fair is Dubai’s international art season’s part. Sikka represents the alleyways of Al Fahadi Historical Landmark. That is why it is named so. It has been about seven years since Dubai Culture and Art Authority has initiated such an art adventure in Old Dubai’s house. It is an opportunity for several nations to share their gifted talent with the world. This way Dubai also gets a chance to promote its culture. Every house of Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood is lited for ten days. Through each door, you will be amazed to come across different sorts of art exhibitions. It can be the showcase of visual performances, Arabic Calligraphy or live moments or portraits and live paintings. You, also, would not want to miss the visual treat of dance performances that will enlighten you. You can name any performance, and you’ll have it there.

Art Festivals in Dubai are not only a great way to entertain yourself, but even a more fabulous way to add more ideas to your creative mind. Besides that, lots of artists get the fame and exposure they deserve. I love the whole concept and even the arrangement of each festival.