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An Overview of Dubai fashion & Top Fashion brands in Dubai

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Dubai Fashion Is a Fusion of Cultures and different lifestyle. Fashion has new a new morning everyday in Dubai. Dubai, being an amalgamation of
modernity and grass root tradition, you can find various blends of style in this charming city. On
the one hand, you can find the traditional citizens following the decorum of the classic
conventional outfits and flaunting them proudly on the streets, on the other hand, you can see the
youth wearing various modern creative outfits. 
Dubai is a place where you can find exquisite and luminous showrooms for outfits and
accessories. There is diversity where you can find garments for the commoners and lavish
costumes for the rich people submerged in luxury. But one thing, that is common in every outfit
has a touch of brilliance of artistic beauty and creative designs which has been possible due to
the hard work of the craftsman.
Following are some of the best showrooms for fashion brands in Dubai-

Mochi: Mochi is a local brand of Dubai. However, it has international recognition with its
showroom spread all across the globe. The designers boast of her creativity which reflects
brilliantly in their works. Their works cover minute artistic details of the entire world, whether it is
the classic Jaipur mirror print of India or embroidery from Hungary.

Tom Ford- Tom Ford is a brand which boasts of its elite luxury. The outlet has some of the best
lavish outfits available in Dubai and adds to the high standards of Dubai Fashion and Lifestyle of people living here. Though, not for everyone, yet a brand which makes buying
worth of it.

Louis Vuitton- Louis Vuitton is known for its innovative and creative outfit designs. Their
collections of wallets, watches and other accessories are one of the best in Dubai. Another USP
of the outlet is its variety for every customer ranging from affordable ones to luxury items.

Burberry- the USP of Burberry is its presentation. The billion-dollar brand has an exquisite taste
for fashion. Pick any of its product, and you will be amazed by the work that the craftsman has
put for it. You are surely going to become a fan of the brand once you visit its elite showroom.

Victoria’s Secret- The citizens of Dubai are obsessed with this brand. Victoria’s Secret is the
biggest showroom of outfits and accessories in Dubai. The beautiful designs that are well crafted
are truly mesmerizing.

Come to Dubai, and shop for eternity. The places mentioned above will leave you craving for
more well-crafted outfits.