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Golf is no longer a sport; it is a sign of royalty. Not only in Dubai, but all around the globe it is played often with passion. It requires an immense amount of patience and strategy to play the game. Before I get to the best golf clubs to go in Dubai, let me tell you few benefits of golfing really quickly. Golf strengthens leg muscles. Besides that, it improves the functioning of your brain and gives your bladder a good exercise. Now that you are convinced of playing golf, let me tell you the best Golf Clubs in Dubai map.


It is Dubai’s award winning Golf Club that hosts several events and tournaments. A ground with 18 holes has 71 championship courses available that is the highest number of golf courses in Dubai . It is located in Dubai Creek and that is the best part of it because any group of locals or individuals can drive to the club. The courses they offer are known to the world as top must play 100 golf courses. All sorts of facilities like swimming pool, restaurants, and hotel rooms are available. Now I know every club has those, but Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club has the luxurious ones. All the facilities have made it be one of the best golf clubs to go in Dubai.


Contact: +971 4 295 6000

Address: Baniyas Road, Port Saeed – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Emirates Golf Club in Dubai Marina only offers 2 courses i.e. The Majlis and Faldo. Majlis has been rewarded countless times in the last 28 years for being the “Top must play course”. In fact, in 2016-2017 it was awarded the top 100 golf courses in the world. It has also been awarded best course Middle East. Faldo is 7000 yards away and it is a night golf course that is as challenging as Majlis. The club has 18 holes so in case you are looking for a less competitive place; you have got one. What makes the club stand out is its hosting of European Tour. It comprises of events like Omega Dubai Ladies Master and Omega Dubai Desert Classic. Fun fact about the tour is that it was the first ever course played in the Middle East.

Contact: +971 4 417 9999

Address: Emirates Hills 2 near Nakheel Metro




Jumeirah’s Fire and Earth Courses and Emirates Golf Club’s are having a face to face right now. Both the courses are tricky and require extra attention and brilliant strategy to ace. The ground is designed by Greg Norman and it provides dope opportunities to play at a championship level. You can use Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road to reach the club. My favorite part that makes it one of the best golf clubs to go in Dubai includes several good quality villas headed by the communities for all Golf freaks out there. There is one thing I found odd yet amazing and that is the location of Jumeirah Golf Club. It is in the middle of the desert. However, the ground is solid green. In spite of it all, it is known for its unique landscape. All other facilities similar to food and drink are extremely delightful. You’ll definitely have a good time if you visit Jumeirah Golf Estates.

Contact: +971 4 818 2000

Address: Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road



The rates are low to an affordable extent making it one of the cheap golf clubs to go in Dubai. The track charges no membership fee. This Golf Club is located in Meydan Road and is consisting of 9 holes. Even if you tend to visit the place with intentions other than playing golf, with cheaper rates and attractive landscape you’ll see yourself indulged in trying to get the ball inside the hole. The track is not only home to several golf players out there, but it accommodates Dubai’s greatest events including Dubai World Cup that is also known as the world’s richest horserace and Thoroughbred racing. It is a great spot for tourists; mainly due to the existence of five-star hotel. There is a full functioning clubhouse that provides delicious dining, locker rooms, and my favorite golf shop. Golf equipment prices are not very high there.

Contact: +971 4 3813733

Address: Nad Al Sheba 1




These were all the best golf clubs to go in Dubai that I had in mind for you guys. It entirely depends on the sort of courses you are seeking to play.

Becoming a member of golf clubs in Dubai is not tricky, but what is important is the knowledge of the club. After all the brief description of characteristics of different golf clubs, let me know which one you found to be the best?

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