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Best Herb for Your Body and Soul

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Why do you think Nature is respected as Mother Nature? Simple, because it has a
solution for every wound and pain like our mothers do. And herbs, a vital part of our
nature acts as a great protector of human body.
The thing is when it comes to the soul, it needs to be fed not only with good food fun
and enjoyment but also some excellent herbs that enlighten the soul and makes us
fitter: making us feel young, hip, and energetic. So here are a list of herbs that your
refresh the soul and body from all the ill elements of the environment.
Turmeric has served as a herbal medicine for centuries, treating 600 plus ailments in
the past.. In the traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, this herb possesses
superpowers to ease and cure inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the root
cause of several health conditions and disorders of the immune system.
The herb also has a sweet solution to body problems caused due to stress. Fear is the
villain in life and once you get a herb, a remedy to eliminate it from your life, treasure
it no matters what.
It also promotes good health of body metabolism as it is a super powerful adaptive
herb. It can also effectively heal the body from several ailments.
Aloe Vera
If you suffer from regular digestive issues, colon troubles, nausea, and irregular bowel
function, Aloe Vera is the best solution to cure it. It also improves health by
improving inflammation and increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood. These
advantages, enhances longevity by improving our health.
The Aloe Vera Gel is actually a superhero as it has the power to kill plethora of
diseases. Ulcers, kidney stones, cardiovascular diseases, nutrient deficiency, skin
disorders including acne, arthritis, oh the crippling pain, cancer and the long list will
keep on continuing.
Holy Basil
Here is another hero for your body and soul that act as a reliever in distress. It is a
superb adaptogenic herb and has been given a synonym of holy because it calms your
mood and elevates your spirit to a whole new level.
Holy Basil is known to enhance the bond between the mind, body, and soul. How
does it do so? The answer is it does so by improving the health conditions that are the
culprits behind the scene of low mood and depressed spirit.
In a nutshell, holy basil minuses stress and chronic inflammation and add more
immunity along with adding clarity of the mind and improved energy levels in the
equation of wellbeing.

Holy basil also aids in digestion, clears brain fog, battles allergies in a fight that it
wins, and enhances mental capabilities.
Just like Aloe Vera, ginger also helps in curing of a plethora of it helps improve
digestion by breaking down fats and proteins in the body. It also has a calming effect
on upset stomach. Apart from having a calming effect, Ginger also helps to treat low
blood pressure, morning sickness and disturbed cholesterol levels.
It’s time for me to sign out and put some aloe Vera gel for radiant skin and have some
ginger tea.