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Best Heritage Hotels in Dubai Fit For A Regal Stay !

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There are a large number of experiences in store for all the visitors coming to Dubai, including some of the exceptional accommodation found across its heritage hotels. Sometimes it’s the story behind a place that gives us a sense of the world-class life. By staying in places with history, we begin to associate with the trust of our knowledge. Heritage blends seamlessly with the modern amenities and gives you a taste of the local flavor in the cultural vignettes and food. Dubai is blessed to be the home to many such heritage hotels known for their opulence and luxury including some of the most significant chandeliers, murals, and exquisite and rare furniture. If you wish to enjoy the same luxury and comfort that the kings and queens used to experience, then you must surely opt for a stay in these Heritage Hotels of Dubai.

Ahmedia Heritage Guest House

The Ahmedia Heritage Guest House evokes the Arabian culture with its elegant decor and an impressive color palace. You can have the glimpse of the magnificence of Arabian hospitality in a truly authentic setting over here. From architecture, ambiance to accommodation, almost everything is crafted with precision and absolute intricacy. With a grand entrance and courtyard surrounded by a gallery, terraced lawns and reflection pools, this unique traditional Arabian guest house provides guests with a personal flavor that comes from heart, art, and history. It has exceptionally well-appointed Arabian style rooms with dining options, fitness facilities, Wi-Fi and the availability of snacks and refreshments throughout the day. It’s genuinely the dazzling jewel of Dubai set amongst the high luster of the Arabian era.

Burj Al Arab
Designed in the shape of the billowing sail of an Arabian dhow this hotel is an architectural masterpiece. It is the tallest all-suite hotel in the world lavishly appointed with gold leaf décor, and it stands on two levels, linked by an elegant spiral staircase. It has a private beach, four pools, and Spa treatment rooms. You are served every type of cuisine in the five restaurants over here from authentic Arabic dishes to Indian delicacy. It has one of the world’s largest fleet of Rolls-Royces available for dropping the guests at the airport. It is one of the most impressive venues in the city and provides an unforgettable experience of the lifetime.

Shangri-La Hotel

This heritage hotel located in Sheikh Zayed Road offers world-class luxury in a majestic appearance and quintessential regal identity. It has 302 guest rooms with, ultra modern facilities, private, and personalized butler service. The ambiance and the overall persona of this hotel allow you to fit into the royal spectrum. The signature restaurant, Shang Palace, serves exceptionally fabulous food in a pleasant, cozy atmosphere. You can have a splendid stay at this hotel that’s a The favorite in the list of best Hotels in Dubai.

Jumeirah Al Qasr

Al Qasr is part of the more massive Madinat Jumeirah resort embellished with its classical architecture, royal, and intricate design. The ultra-modern facilities and the overall ambiance of this hotel invoke the feeling of an upscale Sheikh’s summer residence. It has 292 guest rooms giving the glimpse of classic Arabic flair and lavish lifestyle. Hotel guests can enjoy the resort facilities including water sports on the beach, fitness center with a 25-meter indoor lap pool, and great food. You can enjoy a romantic Arabian getaway at this hotel.

Park Hyatt
Located on the old Dubai Creek, this is an elegant 235-room oasis more than just a beautiful escape for all the visitors. Everything here is top-notch, from the sophisticated rooms to the restaurants and the services. Its 225 rooms are ultra modern and stylish, with elegant Mediterranean decor sprinkled with Moorish details. It has a rejuvenating spa, one of the emirate’s most beautiful hotel pools, and a calm terrace next to a small luxury yacht marina which adds to the overall appeal of this hotel.

Raffles Dubai
Situated in the heart of Dubai Raffles is a 19- story  Masterpiece standing with utmost elegance and grace promising the visitors to give maximum comfort and luxury. This pyramid-shaped luxury hotel offers you the luxury of space and time in a grand Raffles style. It has a spa and fitness center, spacious rooms, a couple’s suite, multi-cuisine restaurant, and an ultra-modern gym. It provides a rich experience for luxury seekers, and your stay becomes a royal saga adding itself to the list of best Hotels in Dubai.

Far from the artificial ambiance of the country’s hospitality industry, these hotels offer a more frugal experience narrating the fascinating story about its legacy and elegance. These hotels coupled with comfort, luxury and flawless hospitality of the staff members. By staying in any of these hotels, you can enjoy a pampering session like the Prince and the princess. Be a part of these heritage Hotels in Dubai !