Best Restaurants in Dubai

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Dubai is a flattering place to find the Best restaurants in dubai, a place where luxury has a whole new superhuman meaning. The Arabian city has made phenomenal transactions in the past like its cultural empowerment, luxury stakes and above all brilliance spread everywhere. The hotels, the food, the culture, the infrastructure, the artificial beach and the crowd, everything about Dubai is just amazing. The food is another rejoicing factor as the taste of Dubai is not only exquisite but also ironically amazing. So for people who are trying to get into the Middle East delicacy and are big time foodie, then we are here to help with Best restaurants in dubai. We here list out the best restaurants in Dubai which you can try out once you step into the exotic city.

Al Muntaha (Best restaurants in dubai): Mediterranean cuisine served with utmost luxury and panache, at the top of the Burj Khalifa is something that is way too memorable and rejoicing. Muntaha has a laid back atmosphere and the prices are also a bit away the economical tag but the place is a definite visit if you are looking out to have the “The” taste of Dubai food. A tip, the place serves the best cocktails in all of making it one of the Best restaurants in dubai .

Blue Elephant (Best restaurants in dubai): The restaurant is regarded as one of the best Thai restaurants in whole of Dubai. The place is also recognized for its tranquil atmosphere and exotic flowers accompanied with stained wood accents. The Royal Thai dishes includes spices and herbs which are imported directly from Thailand. Saturdays in Blue Elephant is amazing as they offer an exclusive lunch buffet. Visit the place in order to get a taste of Thai in Dubai.

JW’s Steakhouse (Best restaurants in dubai): A delicacy of JW Marriott, the place serves the finest and the freshest seafood in whole of Dubai. The place has an interior of traditional American steakhouse decor with remarkable white leather chairs and white linen. The services offered are above the top and is an ideal place for a luxurious stop while on holidays to Dubai. Make sure to visit the place and include it in your itinerary and experiance one of the Best restaurants in dubai.

Shabestan (Best restaurants in dubai): The ultra soft meat of the place is the speciality of chefs and they won’t disclose the secret of their meat just because its a part of the Best restaurants in dubai. Few iconic dishes of the place are chello kebab and slow-cooked lamb and rice where yoghurt is their basic ingredient. Live entertainment, pleasant ambiance and a series of exemplary dishes is what the place offers to its guests.

VU’s (Best restaurants in dubai): Located on the 50th floor of the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, the place is a stratostofic delight. Your earbuds might buzz a little but the taste buds that are offered by the place is worth the temporary dullness. Try out the place for its French-meets-Italian theme food which includes roasted pigeon and a tender lamb. Try out the place not only for food but for the ambiance as well which makes it join the league of Best restaurants in dubai.

La Baie (Best restaurants in dubai): The sophisticated surrounding of the place is a special occasion visit for anyone who is either travelling in Dubai or staying there. The chef of the place are very sincere for their signature dishes and you won’t be able to resist going to the place the second time. Our tip, visit the place in order to have a distinguished food experiencehe and quality of one of the Best restaurants in dubai.

Verre (Best restaurants in dubai): The place is located in Hilton Dubai Creek, and have an impressive reputation in the Dubai’s ultra-competitive culinary stakes. The place surely offers a gastronomic experience as the chefs of the place believe in quantity rather than quantity. Visit the place to have an exceptional experience of delicious food in the heart of Dubai.

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