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When planning a vacation, it is nerve wrecking to come up with the perfect spot. Of course, anywhere out of town will make it memorable, but the tangy thirst of turning the vacation into the best time of the year will only vanish when you will have an incongruous time. I completely understand you. It may be because I go through the same situation every time I am planning my vacation, but honestly speaking I used to go through the same phase. Now that I have moved to Dubai, I cannot emphasize more on how everyday feels like a holiday. Of course, the hustle continues, but the place makes it joyful. It always feels like the time will end soon and I will be back in my home, but it is surprising to realize Dubai is my home now. Living here I have learned that the charms of Dubai are only appreciated in certain months of the year. It is mostly due to the climatic conditions.


Dubai literally has only two weather conditions. It will stay either hot or extremely hot. During the winter season, locals, here; tend to spend more time on the beach due to clear blue sky. Tourism rate in winter is extremely high so you’ll find a lot of company during those months. Dubai’s malls and hotels are all air conditioned. In case you visit Dubai in its peak temperature, you can still enjoy the indoor tour. After such warm up information, I just fed to your brains. It is time to mention the months that will make it the best time to visit Dubai.


November to March basically is the months when winter wipes away the heat and makes it the perfect time to plan family holidays. If winter is your preferred season, you won’t have a lonesome time in Dubai. Fun seekers will beset all beaches making it difficult for you to find a spot where people won’t invade your space. However, it is the perfect time for some face flushing with the sun. Families stay flagrantly happy in this time of the year. In case you are planning on spending your free months in Dubai during this season then you need to make hotel reservations in advance. People, from all around the globe, trundle on their way to the landmarks of Dubai especially to visit Dubai Burj Khalifa making it a fully booked season for hotels.

During the months of January, February, and March, Dubai experiences clouds thundering and drizzling. There are no signs of heavy rain during these months.. However, it occurs only for few hours. If you are a rain lover you’d probably enjoy lots of outdoor activities. It is the best time to visit Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. When it is not raining; you can enjoy several outdoor activities. Other than that, Dubai Shopping Festival will enlighten you.

In the month of March, there are Dubai’s biggest events taking place. If you happen to travel to Dubai in March, you’ll find yourself shouting and screaming at the top of your throats during world’s richest horse race and Dubai World Cup. The Holy Month of Ramadan is also a great time to visit Dubai. You will be surrounded with Dubai feasts. After the Month of Ramadan, Eid ul-Fitr is a reward of three blissful days to Muslims. During these three days, the city of Dubai stays bright. There will be several restaurants offering all sorts of feasts in low prices. You will see Celebrations and decorations at every corner of the city.


Tourism rates are the lowest during this season. Although rainfall in Dubai is not very common humidity level stays high. Due to the weather conditions routine tasks and regular activities are hard to perform. Especially if you plan to visit Dubai Marina Garden during these months or visit Dubai Gold Souk, you will get soaked in your own sweat. Heat strokes are very common during June and July so people avoid leaving air conditioned places.


Although there is a specific time of the year when visiting Dubai is perfect but in case you are hoping to tour around the air conditioned places like Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, The Mall of Emirates and many other similar but eye catching sceneries then you can visit the City at any time of the year. So get your Dubai visit visa as soon as possible and head to Dubai immediately.

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