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​Dubai is a city with maximum population in the United Arab Emirates. It is also the capital of the Emirate of Dubai and is one of the seven emirates that make a country. The city’s development is mainly because of the revenue generated from supply of Oil. It is a beautiful destination and has got eye catchy beaches on its coast and some on its outskirts. It’s situated on the coast of Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi touches its borders in the south. Top beaches in Dubai are:

1. Mamzer Beach: This is one of the most beautiful and pleasant beach in dubai. It’s been declared as the Blue flag beach in dubai making it the most sought out beach among tourists. The coast of the beach in dubai has more beaches with sheltered areas consisting of changing rooms and showers that can be rented on daily basis. Sun loungers and Umbrellas can also be rented. The beach in dubai is also rooted with small cafes and grocery stores. 

2. Jumeirah Beach Park: It’s named after the district- Jumeirah. It is the most famous beach in dubai because of its location, which is in easy reach of Jumeirah Beach road. A stretch of golden stand and palm trees is a remarkable sight. The beach offers you all variety of snack bars to have a bite, toilets & showers and a lifeguard on duty until sunset. The beach in dubai features Wild Wadi water park, Burj Al Arab among other developments.

3. Russian Beach: It is also popular known as the Open beach in dubai or Jumeirah open beach. It’s located opposite to the end of Burj Al Arab. Along the beach, there is a jogging track where you can see lots of people Jogging and exercising. The beach in dubai gives a mesmerizing view of the city. People on skates and cycles are often seen having a ride.

4. Kite Beach in dubai: Flying kites is one of the most interesting outdoor activities of all times. Indians celebrating Independence Day every year fly kites to enjoy the freedom achieved. Dubai has a beach exclusively for flying kites. You can see kite surfers flying colorful kites of different sizes in this beach. It is an amazing view to watch these kites dance and sway in the wind as they go higher up in the sky. This beach in dubai is just opposite to the Al Manara Road Junction.

5. Burj Beach: The Burj beach lies on the stretch of Kite beach. The stretch is very wide leading to the Burj Al Arab making it a popular beach. Facilities like playing Volley ball with Volleyball nets and football are provided here. The stretch is being developed and running tracks are also being installed for jogging and cycling.
6. Ghantoot Beach:  The Ghantoot beach in Dubai is the beach found in the stretch of The Golden tulip hotel and thereby you can get access to all their pool facilities, snack bars and cafes too. It is a fun place to visit and an overnight stay with friends in the resorts could just add more sparkle to your vacation or break. 

7. Jebel Ali Beach: The beach in dubai is a stretch of the open beach in dubai next to its resort. Water near this beach is in huge amount due to which the beach space is reducing. Kites are flown on Jebel Ali Beach as well. It’s adventurous to camp out on the beach but you need to get a license for staying on the beach overnight. 

8. JBR Beach: This Beach in dubai shares the coast with Jumeirah Beach Resort that is why it’s called JBR Beach. The beach now is fully crowded as compared to its opening. Restaurants are opened on the beach to offer people a delicious bite. Green patches on the beach allow people to play Frisbee or a quick game of rugby. The overall view of the beach in dubai , as well as view from the beach is pleasant and satisfying.

9. Royal Island Beach Club: As the name suggests “Royal” so it is the reality. Royal island beach is not a free beach in dubai but one needs to pay to visit this beach. It takes 500dhs to visit the beach. But the cost is worth paying. The beach is in itself a heavenly destination for outsiders and an actual heaven for first time beach visitors. It was a beach opened on Lebanon Island.

10. 4X4 Beach: The name is derived from its popularity of drivers parking cars on the front and taking a look at the scenario of the beach. The stretch is a large one and covers a large area. It’s situated at the corner of Al Athar road next to Jumeirah Beach Park. The beach is between the Sand dunes and the shore line. 

Dubai is a complete package of absolute fun and amazing sightseeing. The above-mentioned beaches are a must visit for relaxation of body and mind. The atmosphere and climate on these beaches in dubai are pleasant, calm and mild. The cold breeze on the beach will leave a calming effect on your soul as well.

Burj Khalifa is a mid-point for all beaches. Every beach nearby is visible from the skyscraper. No beach fails in any particular provision. All beaches offer you the best of their services with undoubtedly delicious food, games, water sports, cafes and bars. Beaches in dubai mentioned above charge minimal amount for visiting, in the Dubai currency – Dirham (dhs). 1 dhs = 18.14 Indian rupee and every beach in Dubai that charges for a visit has to be paid around 95 dhs to 100 dhs. 

Every beach in dubai is next to another. Beaches in dubai are situated one after another on every 10 miles of distance. Arabian Gulf is full of adventures. These beaches in dubai are no less than a vacation destination. Water sports like parasailing; Motorboats, Jet skis, etc. give an adventurous zeal and adds up to your memories that you’re going to take back. 

Every rest lounge or snack halls on the beach offer you with well-maintained showers and toilets. You don’t have to think twice to use them. Every beach has lifeguards on-duty until sunset to keep a check on people. So you don’t have to worry if somebody starts drowning. 

Overall experience to Dubai beaches is extraordinary. You must not leave the opportunity to visit one of the beaches in dubai.

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