Burj Al Arab: A Million Dollar Artwork.

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Few hotels are a home away from home and allow you to experience the best time of your life. If you are a travel addict you’ll indeed know how much stay locations are important to spend carefree night and they give you the glimpse of a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. Burj Al Arab is one such hotel that provides guests with world-class accommodation, luxury, business facilities, food, and wonderful night life. If you enjoy traveling and the quality is more important than anything else, then the stay at this hotel will make your wish vacation last forever!

Burj Al Arab has a taste of fantasy life of extreme glamour and wealth. After all, Dubai is becoming a place for “destination travel” for the most amazing and sumptuous experience. This hotel is designed in such an extraordinary manner that it gives the glimpse of recreating the glory and splendor of the Arabian heritage. You can even create your own Arabian nights over here.




This royal legacy lies on Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach strip and it is located at the distance of 15 km from Dubai International Airport and 15 km from the main city centre. You can reach the hotel from the airport with luxury Rolls Royce transport or helicopter which straight away lands onto the helipad  located on the 27th floor of the Burj al Arab hotel. It is the most recognizable landmark of Dubai and stands 280 meters offshore on the artificial island, linked to the mainland by a gently curving, slender causeway.

The Rooms

It has a distinctive sail-shaped silhouette structure which makes it an iconic symbol of modern Dubai. This hotel has 202 rooms which are duplex suites boasting spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf. The size of the room is beyond imagination . The Royal Suites measure 8,400 square feet and it has revolving beds surrounded by mirrors that slowly spin around when you switch on the button. The super king beds in each suite are layered with Egyptian cotton sheets and you can select your pillow from 17 varieties. There are even full-size Hermès products for both men and women.


You are crowned like a king during the visit to this hotel and everything happens just at the blink of your eye. World’s largest brigade of butlers are available 24 hours a day for your service but if you can’t pull yourself away from the lavish digs for the buffet you can always request it be sent to your suite. This hotel also provides the express check-in and check- out facility.

Dining & Restaurant

This hotel provides the opportunity to dine in one of the nine signature restaurants over here. Al Mahara is an expensive fish restaurant in this garden of heaven with an aquarium larger than most people’s apartments. You can reach onto this restaurant through a simulated submarine voyage, a fleet of Rolls-Royces and the famous helipad located over there. If you are a tea lover then you can definitely head on to the Sahn Eddar and have the best afternoon tea. Best of the lot is the beach-based Majlis Al Bahar which provides you with the glimpse of the Burj’s impressive exterior before taking your nightcap in the top-floor cocktail bar, where you can enjoy the city’s garishness. Al Muntaha is another top class restaurant over here on the top floor. It’s bafflingly beautiful interior prevents you from thinking about the outside world.

Fun Activities

Apart from the royal grandeur and appeasing delicacy there are wide-ranging portfolio of activities that you can enjoy while staying at this hotel. There are three aquariums in this hotel, two are situated on each side of the main hotel lobby and the main tank is in Al Mahara restaurant, having 50 species of fishes. You can also relax yourself at the Talise spa which has won the “Best Luxury Hotel Spa” award in 2014. Surrounded by the sparkling Arabian Gulf, there are never ending ways to experience the vastness of the crisp blue sea. You can even recline by the majestic pool of the hotel for a refreshing cocktail, whenever you wish. Whether you dream to romance with the land or sea, you’ll find you’re well catered for.

Not only tourists visit this place, but millionaires from all across the world fly over to enjoy the luxury of this magnificent hotel! Visit the luxurious Burj Al Arab and fall into love with the lavish ambience, top notch service and heavenly delicacies. Soak into the venue’s astounding repertoire of fun and frolic as you work your way through the courses. A luxurious feast for both the eyes and the palate awaits over here.


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