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 Burj Park: a lash of greenery amidst the desert city

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If there is one place in Dubai where you can get the view of the Majestic Burj Khalifa and the exquisite Dubai Fountain, then it is the Burj Park The lush green acres are just the perfect place for relaxing and sipping some soft drinks or juices or having a family gathering or a family picnic. The park is so well maintained, and so big that is would take up some hours or a day to be precise to explore every nook and corner of it.

Imagine sitting and watching the massive building of Burj Khalifa rotating on its momentum while you give a sip on your teacup! Ah! That’s one of a kind view.

At night the scenery is enchanting enough to give a trance. This mega park was made to host gala events such as parties, brand launches, and other functions of big dignitaries, thereby having ample seating arrangements for more than thousands of people. People who live in Dubai or the travelers just get mesmerized by seeing the scenic beauty lush green park. Burj Park, even though is most visited place in Dubai for the close view of  Burj Khalifa, but there is more to it.

One of the most interesting and striking facts is that the Burj Park has no fence. Thereby, anyone can visit the place at any desired time. Further, the entry to this park is also free. These facts make it a hot place for not only for the tourist but also for the local residents of Dubai.  People who are passionate about photography, this place is quite photogenic. The chirping of some unknown colorful birds will catch the attention of any enthusiast. The squirrels running around from one tree to another is another site that can be observed for hours. Photographers are surely going to capture some excellent shots by visiting this place.

It was a weekend that drew me here. The quiet surrounding and serenity around were something to get indulge in. For all the office goers who are tired of chasing targets throughout the week are often seen to come here and enjoy their lonely moment. Whether you come here alone or with your family or your friends, watching the fountain geared up with lights, changing colors in the evening and at night will bring out the romanticism within yourself. It was Dubai’s passion for thinking out of the box, which created Burj Khalifa and this park is the perfect destination for having a panoramic view of it.

Hosting a big event or a concert or a product launch is not a big deal for this park.  Every year there are several gala celebrity events and high profile shows, as the park easily accommodates the vast crowd which demands ample space and a vast underground parking space. Further, this place is the perfect choice to taste downtown Dubai. Burj Lake is accessible by a bridge. And it is very near to The Dubai Mall which is a few minutes walking distance from the park.

Though your children might not enjoy this place much because there is no play, the park gives an excellent chance to be amidst nature as there are many unique and unconventional trees and acres of perfectly manicured grass which spread over for some considerable acres to soothe your eyes. I enjoyed lying under a shady tree and ‘playing with my camera.’ The other recreation that can be done apart from relaxing is to stroll around the narrow streets of old Dubai downtown or hire a cycle to take a short trip around and shop some souvenirs or be at a restaurant and grab a drink or two.

So all this makes The Burj park a perfect destination for nature lovers, concert or party lovers, picnics, family meetings and gathering, a quality date with your loved one and lots more. While I was telling about this place, you might have felt the urge of being in Dubai and visiting in this park as well. So come down and see the other side of Dubai. All this time Dubai has been known for its Desert safaris, but now there are other things to do as well. Away from the hustle-bustle of daily life and the central city, this is where you can soothe your eye viewing the lush green around, and the view of the tallest human-made structure in the world, The Burj Khalifa.