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Camping spots in Dubai To Get On The gypsy Mode

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What is it like to camp in Dubai? Dubai is an utterly flawless piece of land
for camping. Eye-catching and striking mountainous landscapes, immaculate
valleys marked by attractive beaches make Dubai a perfect camping spot. In
amid of summer camping in Dubai is an ideal thought you can have. Are you
planning the same, sitting in front of your ultra-HD computer screens,
thinking where to head out for camping? Well, I got you covered for
suggesting such a place, for enjoying your camping in Dubai. Dubai camps
will not make you regret your decision.
Here are a few suggestions based on my experience

Al Qudra Lakes
The lake has a streak of silver lining just like a swan with the silver hair. No
sounds of leaping water rang out from the depth of the emptiness. I was
enchanted and mystified by the view. The dazzling lakeside and the greenery
is home of one-thirty species of birds. Bird lover,s are most welcomed to
have their best time in life with rare bird species like an eagle, plover,
falcon, etc. At night, you may also be able to see the crystal water in this
human-made lake glistening the entire place.

Lahbab sands
I had my best camping experience in this red desert. Initially, I was
frightened by the mounting stories about this desert. But to my surprise, I
dripped my soul in the bosom of the red desert. It was an action-packed
experience started with the simple bashing session following to the Bedouin
campsite. There were no statutes of limitations, unlike the other deserts.
Furthermore, I got a chance to drool over the breathtaking sunset. Some
views can’t be threaded in words but witnessed. Even after the sunset, I was
looking at the peaceful the horizon. It was one spectacular view, tainting
purplish, orange and then pink like a pomegranate was intensifying. Further,
Squad biking and sand boarding stood out among the other rest activities.
Word of Caution

I know that The experience mentioned above must have enticed you guys to
book a camping adventure with your friends. But before you hop onto
packing your bags and kitty cases, read the bullet points below to make the
most out of this frolic affair.
• Say no pollution.
Make sure that you discard the waste after camping in the right manner.
Take what is required for this purpose — a mini plastic dustbin, plastic bag
or whatever which is easily available. Authorities in Dubai are pretty strict in
this matter, and noncompliance to it may cost a fine of zillionth dirham. Ok,
now this is over exaggeration.
• Respecting others
Here it doesn’t mean to pass smile or be gentle to every other random
camper around you. I mean that be thoughtful about not to encroach other’s
privacy deliberately. Inquire completely about the place before the setting of
the camp. What if you start to party at someone else’s private place? So
avoid these awkward situations and try to be coutious.
• Charge everything
Disconnectivity is a curse. If you don’t want this curse running after you
during camping, then do make sure that you have mobile phones as well as
power banks fully charged with you.

Dispose of the schemes of staying up in lavish hotels, in lieu try caping. For
those who don’t like camping, Give it a second thought, Don’t underestimate
the nature bruh? Camping is a subtle experience that gave me an easy escape
to hide from my hectic schedule.