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Bollywood Park – Dubai For Your Bollywood Cravings

  The Bollywood Park in Dubai is a themed park to satisfy all your Bollywood cravings. It is for those lovers of Mumbai and of the magnificent Bollywood who either stays away from home or are ardent Bollywood lovers who haven’t been to Mumbai or

Featuring The List Top Golf Clubs Dubai Has !

Golf is no longer a sport; instead is a sign of royalty. Not only in Dubai, but in the whole world it is played often with passion and requires an immense amount of patience and strategy to play the game. In case you are as

Your Ultimate Guide : Water Sport Dubai 2019

      Are you a water sports lover? If you get your kicks from frolicking in the rivers, lakes, oceans, oreven puddles, the world of water sports will give an instant adrenaline rush to your body. Fromthe surf haven of kayak rides to the

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary a natural haven of wildlife

  Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary If you are tired of the swirling traffic of the cities and feel like you need a break from theentire buzz and the stress of your hectic work schedule, Ras Al Khor  Wildlife Sanctuary is just theplace for you.

Kites Beach Dubai What a feeling Habibi !

“I want to go – what’s that Glamourous and Gorgeous country? – Dubai” When I first read this the quote, Ibelieve,Dubai is a place that has earned a lot of fame in a short time. Maybe people appreciate a lot when they enjoy a classy

Soccer Clubs In Dubai For Your Next Goal

  Soccer is another name for football in the United States and I didn’t knew that lol. The excitement for participation in soccer keeps onincreasing. Soccer teaches a lot of lessons and encourages its players to stay positive in life no matterhow many times you

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Al Wadi Natural Reserve

This world won’t let you find peace, bro? — a lot of people have mouthed these wordsever since I knew to tie my shoelaces! But I bet they haven’t strolled their footsteps at AlWadi natural reserve in Dubai, else they would have sued themselves for

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Best Places to have Shisha in Dubai

  Luxury, relaxation, peace, mellow ambiance, hypnotic beaches, addictive hotel services, andamazing shopping spots, is what the wonderland of Dubai offers to its guests. The Arabian city ismore than just a few beaches, hotels and shopping spots. One of the most mesmerizing thingsabout Dubai apart

Best Hostels in Dubai For a Backpacking Experience In Dubai

Dubai is a place where luxury meets its travellers. It is a place for rich and luxurious travel lovers. However, people often get confused with luxury and budget friendly travels. No doubt Dubai is a place where you can find abundant rich travellers, enjoying the

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Hatta more than just an amazing Retreat

Don’t let the Cat out of the bag- Yeah, this idiom perfectly fits in the case if you are giving your loved ones any surprise about a dream destination around Dubai. Allow their eyes to treat themselves because they will be there in for a

Best Places In Dubai To Relax & Unwind

At Once the holiday bells are ringing, visit some places that can give you crazy experiences to rediscover yourself. They are not just places but also rich experiences that will go down the book of your memory lane. We’ve come together with a list of

Dubai Holidays, Thing To Do More

Dubai Holidays Dubai is a live showroom of excellent infrastructure and has been attracting people from all geographic entities. Dubai Tourism has changed through the times, and the industry has seen exponential growth due to its upstate luxury offerings. Dubai city has managed to create

Camping spots in Dubai To Get On The gypsy Mode

What is it like to camp in Dubai? Dubai is an utterly flawless piece of land for camping. Eye-catching and striking mountainous landscapes, immaculate valleys marked by attractive beaches make Dubai a perfect camping spot. In amid of summer camping in Dubai is an ideal

Dubai Culture and History, How it feels in the East

Dubai is a city which constantly changes. It would be coequal to compare Dubai with a magnet as it pulls tourists from every corner around the world. It is no surprise that Dubai forms an image of nightlife, clubs, parties, fun, and entertainment in mind.

The Best Ramadan tents in Dubai

The Best Ramadan tents in Dubai- People will nod heads if I have to write that the birth of a new day of Ramazan in Dubai, there is a refreshing joy that seeps into nature. As the fun time approaches, the people drop in at

Dune Bashing: The Heritage Sport Of Dubai

Are you looking for a soul-satisfying, heart-pumping adrenaline rush? Dare to try the most popular adventure sport of the Emirates -dune bashing. Dune bashing provides the perfect dose of enjoyment and excitement to the visitors over here. Certified and professional guides power four-wheel drive SUVs

DESERT SAFARI In Dubai, A cool guide

If your travel lists for Dubai doesn’t include Desert Safari then trust me, it is incomplete. Desert Safari is a complete package of excitement, sandy activities, adventure, and a memorable getaway. It is mandatory for you to plan a trip there if you happen to

Jebel Ali Resort Dubai, What’s So Special

“There are resorts, hotels and then there is Dubai, the place where luxury has devotees”- Bazil Patel. One thing for sure, I am in love with Dubai, it’s my girlfriend now, and I am in a committed relationship, no questions asked, no explanations given. Since

Experience The Thrilling Adventure Of Quad Biking In Dubai.

You’re looking for a venue to go quad biking; Dubai can be the best choice for you. Driving a quad bike off-road is an absolute rush and a fantastic way to experience the scenery of the destination you’ve traveled. Traveling along the dunes on a

Uncovering The Majestic Mountains Of Dubai

The Saga Of The Majestic Mountains Of Dubai/ Uncovering The Majestic Mountains Of Dubai You might be surprised and confused to think of having mountains in the deserts of Dubai. A place where desert sands brush up against soaring skyscrapers, we all think such a

Water sports and adventure in Dubai

When the sun gets enraged and escalates up to the zenith of the clouds, when the temperatures raise high- that is the ideal time to dive in the refreshing water of the Water Parks. Everyone does want to splash all their concerns and box up

Splash Spots in Dubai 2019

Whether you’re someone who loves to sit by the beach and float in the figment of your imagination with the dipping sun’s orange fingers kissing your face or the sort of a person who loves to race against his adrenaline rush on a thrilling water

Famous Instagram Travel bloggers 2019

Famous Instagram Travel bloggers Technology rules the world. All social media addicts can agree on the fact that we cannot live without apps like Instagram and Facebook. They are our link to the world around us; many bloggers use social media to share their experiences with

Explore The Pristine Underwater World By Scuba Diving In Dubai

Exploring the underwater world is a meditation in itself. The serene blue world rejuvenates your inner self again. It’s like a sweet dream you do not want to wake up from; swimming with a world that’s different from yours makes you feel like you have

Magnificence Of The Jumeirah Beach

The sky outside was intensifying the pitch-black curtain draped over it as I stepped towards The Jumeirah Beach. I could feel the haze of black cloud that was spread thinly above and, the gaze of the soft, warm sand and turquoise blue water left me

Meet The Bikers from Dubai on These Mountains

Mountain Biking In Dubai Mountain biking is an exciting outdoor sport that gives adrenaline rush and is thrilling to perform. Biking in the mountain regions of Dubai is an enchanting experience, which leaves you thrilled as the path, not as comfortable as typical highways. The


Football is a popular outdoor and on-field sport, that demands quick reflexes, agility, and enduring personality. Not everyone has the passion it takes to be a fan of football. Football has always been my favorite sport. No, I don’t in any way mean to blow

Say Yes To Yas Island

Every day is the Chance to Discover something New, Beautiful, Sweet, and Memorable. Have you ever visited the YAS ISLAND? If “no” then you missed out one of the fascinating place on the earth. Imagine how it feels when you plan to spend your vacations