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Best ART FESTIVAL in DUBAI you shouldn’t miss

Art festival in Dubai is a significant attraction dose for art freaks, art admirers, and tourists in Dubai. Each year in March, creative minds are appreciated and explored in the Dubai art season. Locals, as well as travelers from all around the globe, participate mainly

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Saeed Al Maktoum House Dubai a review 2019

The city of Dubai is known for its thrill and adventures. The majestic work of architect’s envelopethis beautiful sand city. A first-time traveler is bound to get mesmerized by seeing the enchantingbeauty of this beautiful city. I too am an admirer of this beautiful city

Dubai Fashion More than Just a Statement!

Dubai Fashion Scene  Dubai has been a controversially right place to enjoy the best of the best. The infrastructure isgreat, and the ambiance is sophistically soothing. The streets are majorlypacked with luxury cars, tigers and jaguars as pets, money is spent and the peoplewho are


In these economically tough times, people need experiences more than materialistic bliss. Investing money to visit a museum for personal growth and progress of social relationships is safer than spending money on expensive showpieces solely for decoration purposes. After observing human brains, I have decided

Dubai Culture and History, How it feels in the East

Dubai is a city which constantly changes. It would be coequal to compare Dubai with a magnet as it pulls tourists from every corner around the world. It is no surprise that Dubai forms an image of nightlife, clubs, parties, fun, and entertainment in mind.

5 Souks Of Dubai That Can Make Your Shopping Fun !

The souks of the Middle East are some of the oldest marketplaces in the world. Long before we had streets lined with a different segment of goods for our cash-filled wallets, sellers would gather displaying their artifacts, spices, and other utility goods. The more sellers

Citywalk Dubai: The Extravaganza of Colors

Being in Dubai does not only mean to experience a desert safari or watching the majestic creation, Burj Khalifa. Dubai is also a destination for fashion and party. For all the shopaholics, Dubai is a paradise, because the Citywalk in Dubai has all the high-end

Dubai: A Global Hub For Travel And Tourism

Dubai is one of the greatest hub for travel and tourism. It’s an amazing holiday destination where you will experience over-the-top luxury and soak up the vibrant Arabian culture. Dubai is a traveler’s heaven with breath taking architectural marvels, abundant luxury shopping malls, and a lively


One of the Emirates’ most remarkable draws is the boat ride across Dubai’s creek. The city has become so jammed that there is an immense need for some other comfortable trip. Water taxis carry you to your desired location through a scenic route. My mood

Old Dubai: The Heart and Soul of Dubai

Dubai is not only a young and fast-developing upstart, but it’s also about the grand heritage, historically rich chronicles and the unbelievable charm. There is an added part to this city which is the heart and soul of Dubai; well I am addressing the Old

Arabian Tea House – The Perfect Escapade

Arabian Tea House – The Perfect Escapade If you love nature and want to escape into the serenity of Al Fahidi, which other places can be better than the Arabian Tea House? Especially if it is a chilly winter afternoon and sunset is approaching. You

The Artistic Face of Dubai: Art-Dubai

The Artistic Face of Dubai: Art-Dubai While many of the travelers may not be aware of the art scene in Dubai and others might complain that it completely lacks any art, there is one thing that I am going to clear in all your minds


“All those you wander are not lost” If you are a traveler and love exploring different places, then I would suggest keeping Al Bastakiya in your wish list. I visited the Al Fahidi Historical neighborhood a few days back, which is a historic district in