The Cheesecake Factory Is A Must Visit At The Dubai Mall

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When Cheesecake Factory decided to open its first outlet outside USA, I was extremely glad that the owners chose Dubai as the first place to invest overseas. It was a long wait and I welcomed this popular quintessential American restaurant with open arms. After all I am a fan of The Big Bang Theory and anything related to it that comes to Dubai, gets two thumbs up from me. It’s been five years since, and this outlet at The Dubai Mall is buzzing with foodies and casual eaters making it one of the hottest destinations to visit when you are at the mall.

Don’t be taken aback by the name. Even though the name suggests it to be the manufacturer of the delicious cheesecakes, Cheesecake Factory is more than just cheesecake makers. This restaurant has made a name of itself by being the ultimate breakfast destination for generations of Americans.  And it is doing the same here in Dubai. Numerous people flock to The Cheesecake Factory to grab a bite before going to their office. Naturally, the office hours are better to avoid if you want to have a relaxing time, gorging on a plate of cheesecake with some rasberry coulis. The afternoon is the perfect time to do that, remember to carry a book with yourself, if you are planning to visit there alone.

However, having said that, Cheesecake Factory is designed for a family visit. Its large typical restaurant-like interior, equipped with large tables and sofas are just sitting there to welcome you and your families and friends. It is a place to be enjoyed and what better way to enjoy it, than with your friends and families?


I visited this place so many times that I have lost count. I have visited it alone and I have visited in a group. The waiters have always been cordial with their approach. Once, me and a bunch of my friends came during a rush hour and they didn’t have any place for us to sit. The floor manager was very warm and asked us to wait for a while. He even offered us seats and a waiter provided us with water while we were waiting. I found these pleasantries quite warming, considering that Cheesecake Factory is such a huge chain of restaurant and the timing was really challenging for the restaurant staffs. I certainly never received such hospitality from KFC or McDonald’s.

Now coming to the food – Cheesecake Factory is undoubtedly famous for its namesake. But don’t let that shadow the fact that it offers some amazing other food items as well. The menu holds over 200 items. Searching through the menu feels like searching a name in the telephone index! The pastas, the pizzas, the fried chickens, the burgers, the salads, each and everything are worthy of your palate. Singling out a particular item is really difficult as I ate a lot of them over the years and I have enjoyed every one of them. Being a sucker for authenticity, I must admit that I enjoy the original cheesecake with a dash of chocolate syrup drizzled over it, more than anything else. However, if you are visiting here for the first time and plan to make it a memorable one, try the popular Chicken Madeira. Two flattened chicken breasts topped with melted mozzarella, mushrooms, asparagus and a generous amount of Madeira sauce with a scoop of creamy mash potatoes in the side – Chicken Madeira is a treat on your plate. Also check out their classic American food items like, corn dogs, Tex Mex eggrolls, beef sausages dipped in corn batter and so many more. When you are at The Cheesecake Factory, don’t forget to experiment with your taste buds, as you never know what will ultimately click with you.  

Part of the joy of visiting Dubai is eating out. The city has so many eateries to offer that it becomes confusing which one to choose and which to leave behind. The Cheesecake Factory is something that you shouldn’t miss. This iconic western dessert has been a phenomenon for years. Few would deny how amazing it tastes. The Cheesecake Factory boasts over making everything straight from the scratch, using top quality ingredients and you can literally taste them in every bite. Their renowned cheesecakes are made in two locations in the US and are flown to Dubai every week. It’s like experiencing a mini America in the streets of Dubai. It is no doubt a pleasant surprise for travelers and the people of Dubai. Its reigning popularity has proved how much the Arabs have been able to embrace the globalised culture, sedimenting Cheesecake Factory’s roots in the grounds of Dubai. A word of advice to anyone visiting there, don’t even think of wearing your tight pants.


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