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Creek Park A place you must Experience

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The world is full of pollution, buildings, cars, and dust all around but, Mother nature can calm
down the tormented soul. At the center of old Dubai stands the Creek Park- one of the oldest
parks in the Emirates the place where nature flourishes. Creek Park is also amongst the longest
parks in the city.
I’ve been too busy recently, almost on the verge of a breakdown. Then I realized, how
desperately I need a break from the busy schedule to calm my mind and restore peace. I found a
suitable place named Creek Park located at Deira to do so. Creek Park is one of the oldest parks
in Dubai and has a lot of activities to offer. As per the name, The Creek Park is located on the
edge of the creek making it easier to approach this place by boat. The area covered by this place
is around 96 (ninety-six) hectares. No wonder the park is one of the largest parks in the Emirates.
Moreover, this place has plenty of activities to offer, making the perfect destinations to visit
when tired with the monotonous city life.
Creek Park is so wonderful and peaceful. It is so charming that I could wander enjoying the
beauty of the area. I was basking in all the greenery and relishing the views.
If all these weren’t just enough to fill in one’s soul with sunshine, the park also houses Dubai
Dolphinarium which is the first fully air-conditioned Dolphinarium in the Middle East. It
provides habitat to dolphins as well as seals. The Creek Park is also the home to children’s city. It
is designed for kids aged between two to fifteen years. It is a clump of buildings situated right in
the center of the Creek Park and filled with hearty laughter of youngsters. I couldn’t help myself
to stop there click pictures of those happy faces. The area is bundled with joy and not only offer
enjoyment but also knowledgeable Besides, Creek Park also has a planetarium, workshops for
kids to keep them occupied. The beauty of planetarium, the Dolphinarium, and the theatre was
Just when I thought that park couldn’t get any better, I found out, it has cable cars. I couldn’t
resist to jump into one which runs for around two known stretches of the park. The view was so
enchanting that I didn’t want to get down from It. The Creek Park was such a beautiful place and
perfect for all occasion.