A Day in Paradise- Atlantis, The Palm

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A Day in Paradise- Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis I call Thy Name

So Young So Blessed and Mighty is thy Fame!

Bazilspeare yeah not Shakespeare


When Milton declared his work’s title as ‘Paradise Lost’, he was probably right. But he was right then, not now for I have found a place that refutes this claim! So, let’s start about now:

Have you ever been to a place where a squeal accidentally slips from your mouth, and your heart just jumps to the seventh heaven with the excitement of the beauty that surrounds you? Or let me change the question for you; have you ever been to a place where you only want to see the ENTRY passage and beyond but you want to defy the odds of EXITING, and you want to make a home there? And when the security officials come to extract your statuesque body from the hotel, you go berserk and start screaming and crying like a baby, banging your fists on the floor so that the authorities just let you stay for one more night? And when they come the next day and ask you to pack your bags: you enter the crazy REPEAT mode!


So have you ever been to a place like that? If yay, then raise your hands because by now you know that there is no beauty such as the Atlantis, the Palm. And if nay, then too bad you have not been to the Diva of all Hotels.


Really, if hotels ever had to walk down a fashion ramp on the world’s best, this one would have simply exploded the ramp by topping the competition with flying colors. And when I say ‘flying colors’ I really mean in the literal sense of the word rather than some idiomatic meaning.


Because man, the colors are BOOM, explodingly beautiful! They are the sort of bright and complementary in nature, oranges, and blues as the central color theme that leave you ogling at them for hours at end. Because the lobby itself is the epitome of beauty. You would think that you don’t just need any room or suite, you would rather lay a rug in the lobby and lie down, staring at the doomed ceiling, which is enormously high and spectacular by the way, like a lovelorn hero who just found his fast and last love.

You would even want to make tiny hearts on every wall to express your love for the place, but then again you wouldn’t want to do that because it would compromise with the beauty of it all.


So if you really fast-rewind, the whole scene let’s give you an account of my entrance in this place. For one, there are impressive palm trees outside this island place so the swag there is also out of the reach of spoken or written word. Next is the entrance to the lobby, which is peppered with glass flower vases unlike your eyes have every witnessed before or shall I say the pure definition of elegance and beauty combined. Then is the entrance into the wide, grand lobby where my heart started sing-songing:


“Within seconds you stole my attention

Skin so perfect, a golden complexion

More than beautiful girl, hotel you’re a work of art


Oh, my, I cannot believe my eyes

Oh, my, pinch me, am I dreaming, am I?

Oh, my, did you fall from the skies?


I can’t see your wings, but girl hotel, you’re an angel paradise

Oh, my, my angel paradise

You’re so out of this world.”

So you see the beauty can have hymns and ballads sung for it. Next, comes the element of entertainment and hotels in it. And the view, yes, of course, you can’t forget that. The view is anabjsofnorjobsnghioaiw! The entire skyline of Dubai is in front of your eyes, and they are in for an amazing view, particularly if you have this view at the break of dawn from your booked room when the high-rise buildings penetrate the fog and make an oh-my-goodness view.


The hotels are all high-end names, the best in the world with mouth-watering cuisine and outclass ambiance. The best, of course, is the décor, with hanging tassels of crystal glass lining the full corridor of Atlantis, the Palm where many of the restaurants are located.


Last but not the least, the entertainment activities. There is really a myriad of them. You can choose from just looking at the fishes in the magnificent aquariums made there or go and swim along with them, so you have both the options. Afraid of that? Then you can go have some fun at the waterpark at Atlantis, the Palm. Next, you can have a helicopter ride across the place. Then you have yacht cruises and boat rides as well. There are tennis courts and spas present too. As I said, you really want to have a permanent residence here. And I can just go on and own sighing and sharing the melodies of this place and the entertainment it offers, but I really guess that’s all for now, folks.

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