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DESERT SAFARI In Dubai, A cool guide

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If your travel lists for Dubai doesn’t include Desert Safari then trust me, it is incomplete. Desert Safari is a complete package of excitement, sandy activities, adventure, and a memorable getaway. It is mandatory for you to plan a trip there if you happen to be in Dubai.
Let’s begin the adventure from the start and talk about the way to Desert Safari. The ride to Desert Safari is not ordinary. It is the most amazing yet adventurous ride. In case you are traveling for the first time, let me give you a few tips real quick. Avoid eating and drinking heavily in the start because you might get sick during your ride. The impact of this ride is different for everyone.
Firstly, you can’t use conventional vehicles in the desert. You specifically need a sand terrain. The ride till the sand comes in contact with automobiles is smooth, but once you go deep in the desert, you will feel the desert’s wind and sand welcoming you. It will be so hyped that you will feel as if you are floating in the air your seat. Now, this is the time when you might feel like death coming to you, but you need to breathe and enjoy the ride instead of getting scared. Also, protect yourself from the sun via sunscreen, glasses, and hat. The sun will not show any mercy in the desert, might as well stay covered.
Once you reach desert safari, its view astonishes you as you get to have a live experience of camels lumbering in the fine sand. On one side you view camels feeling the sand on their knees and the other you experience yourself dune bashing. This is a quick way to add more joy to your trip. Now, if you reach the top of the dune on time, you will be able to experience the beautiful sunset and even capture it on your phone.
As the sun sets and the sky falls dark, it becomes the perfect time to enter the camps. Camping is the best when done at the oddest yet ideal locations; desert safari. Since it is among the people you care for, there is a soothing feeling in the air that helps you clear your mind from all toxics of life. There is no better time in the middle of the night than the time when you feel cold air brushing against your face and the heat from the fire perfectly blending to keep you warm and cozy in the middle of the desert. The camping area is well-organized and luxurious. There are different booths for some alone time, food, smoking sheesha, activities like applying mehndi, getting dressed, and playing games.
Now that you have had a brief review of the whole Desert Safari and have seen the view in pictures tell me when are you planning your visit? If you already had an experience, feel free to share it with me.