The destination of dreams – Madinat Jumeirah

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Madinat Jumeirah – the Arabian resort is exactly that – a destination of dreams.It’s a five star resort in Dubai which provides all the luxury that the world can offer…which fortunately I had the opportunity to experience.  It’s a magnanimous resort, the biggest in Dubai which has an mindboggling area of 40 hectares of landscape and gardens.

Surprisingly Madinat Jumeirah is beautifully build to resemble a traditional Arabian town. The entire place is amazingly well kept and maintained removing any case for fault detection.

I literally found all that I was looking for during my trip. The luxury resort contains three splendid boutique hotels namely –Al Qasr, Mina A’ Salami and Al Naseem.


All the hotels are five stars in the true sense of the term. Excellent service is what makes them unique. I was amazed to experience the marvellous behaviour and fantastic dexterity of all the stuff members. The managing authority is skilfully adapt at what they do and generously takes care

The resort has a countryard of twenty nine summer houses called Dar Al Masyaf. The summer houses are beautifully decorated and genuinely well kept and maintained. The swiftness with which the workers do their job is mind-blowing. And their smiling faces will surely light up your stay.

Madinat has over  forty high end restaurants and bars and dazzles you with the most exotic dishes of the land. Prepared by world know chefs, the food is beyond comprehension. The service and quality of the bars is outstanding making one fall in love with them instantly.

Madinat is located along two kilometres of private beachfront adjacent to wild water park. A perfect resort in a perfect locale. Your stay is bound to be memorable here as every facility provided by them is unique. The evenings spent by the resort’s internal water parks are bound to be memorable.

All thanks to developer Mirage Mille and  Mittal Investment Group Ltd. for coming up together with the idea of building this paradise on earth. A perfect and unique holiday destination for you and all your family that makes you feel like royalty during your stay. Catering to every need of every individual of all ages is truly marvellous. Luxurious spas and salons, ornamented restaurants and bars, beautiful fields and recreation centers, outstanding room facilities, plush washrooms, great ambience…..the list goes on and on. Basically this resort have everything that one yearns for.

“The harbour of peace” or Mina A’Salam was the very first of the boutiques to be created which at present contains over 292 plush rooms!!

Al Qasr which literally translates “ the palace” was to next to be built having at present 294 rooms and has a suite designed to resemble a Sheikh’s summer residence!!!!

Dara Al Masiyaf has 29 stand alone two storey inspired by  traditional Arabian summer houses each having  9 to 11 rooms and suites extended across the beautiful resort grounds.

Al Naseem which literally translates to “ The Breeze” is the latest of the sections to be completedand comprises of an magnanimous number of 430 rooms. Astoundingly all the sections are connected with each other through beautiful waterways!!

My experience has been a Fabulous one where I experienced everything of first-class quality and quantity and was truly not in want of anything. 4.5 kilometres of waterways connect the various parts of the mind boggling resort. The boats named Abra carry people staying at the resort from one part of the place to another inside the resort.


Another of the most amazing features of this destination of dreams is that it is a sanctuary for homeless and endangered turtles. This resort is a paradise in all true sense as it houses injured turtles and medicates them and take care of them to nurse them back to health prior to their release in the wild!!!! How wonderful is that.

Along with providing human beings all the peace and luxury….this resort is also going ahead in its humble attempt to maintain ecological balance and generously serve wildlife. The turtle pen is located in Mina A’Salam which is directly in between Al Muna and Zheng.

Thus it is quite naturally understood how Madinat Jumeirah is a perfect holiday destination and a dream resort for any individual which takes care of us and all our needs in utmost subtle and professional way. The transaction facility is super easy and facilitating. I was super happy and satisfied with my stay. I have absolutely no complaints regarding anything over there and would gladly recommend everyone to visit Madinat Jumeirah once. And trust me when I say will never regret it. Anyone is bound to cherish every moment of their stay at Madinat Jumeirah for its sheer brilliance of every aspect.

Your trip to the middle East is incomplete without your visit to Madinat Jumeirah as this the best that anyone could provide you with. They know that your happiness is connected to the well being of your entire being… and as result all the facilities that they provide takes a holistic approach in accentuating your holiday.


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