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Dragon Mart, Your Affordable Market in Dubai!

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Dragon Mart is the place for all the things that you need — starting from
Fashion to sports materials, merchandise, tools to repair home, fabric, lighting
bulbs, lamps, to all electronics, garments, household goods, furniture,
hardware, and also all the other fashion stuff. Eventually, I got down to
exploring Dragon Mart with my own two eyes to come to a decision.
Verdict: Verdict is the coolest and the whole place to visit for getting all your
stuff within the four walls of a single spot on the world.
If you see you will find Dubai is the place where shopping is of a world-
renowned level, and there are plenty of malls to visit. And the other thing
about Dubai, we will find a vast variety in respect to shopping.
If you want to shop in an opulent and lavish place, then the Mall of Emirates
or Dubai Mall is the best option for you. In Dubai Mall, you get entertainments,
an enormous tennis court-sized food court, art galleries, and all the other
fantastic stuff.
If you are in the mood to bag your hands with all the precious treasures and
popular shopping items such as spices, perfumes, rugs, etc. you should visit
The Souqs.
However, under any circumstance don’t feel that your choices of shopping
closed there. There is another brilliant place to visit yet that seals the
shopping deal. And it’s a periodical beauty.
The Dragon Mart is the place to go when your budget is low because it offers
extremely reasonable prices that will give you excellent quality and the right
quantity. So, keep in your mind quality plus quantity equals to Dragon Mart.
There are many times in the month when you feel like you are not up for
spending lots of dirhams. The time of the month when your wallet is dry, the
Dragon Mart is there always for you.
So now you are wondering what impressed me to a whole new level of the
image. As you heard, “the first impression is the last impression.” Once you
reach the Dragon Mart, a mighty dragon curled up over a golden globe
welcome you. You surprised to see the creativity outlining this water fountain.
I don’t even need to mention this, but it’s apparent that you click selfies over
here and even fool people by giving a status saying you are in China.
Then coming to the interior of the mall it is wicked with proper sense, aspect,
and meaning of each word. The roof is a bit domed with glass constructs
through which the sunlight gets in — next, the hanging red dragon lamps with
a different meaning.

The entire market is budget-friendly and makes your head dizzy in super
excitement of quality and quantity.
Are you tired of shopping and need a temporary break? The Dragon Mart Has
a range of restaurants. Some of the prominent names include Barbeque
Delights, The Mahal Restaurant, Broccoli Pizza and Pasta, Old Wood Village,
Chilli. Maraheb, Mir Amin, Automatic, Tim Hortons, Olives and Tomatoes, and
a lot of many others. McDonalds and Pizza Hut also await to satiate your
So, you see there is a myriad of food outlets to choose from, depending on
your mood to have something Lebanese, Turkish, Arabic, Italian or only
Oh, and there is also a grocery store, so you see there is nothing on your list
that will not be available in the Dragon Mart. So here is a hat off to the all-
comprehensive mart that has different sections for all the things and materials
you might be looking for with a price range evenly spread on the large scale of
pocket-friendly to a bit pricey. But really, this is a place to visit and not miss at
all. You get to have both the selfies and goods. As for me, I already have both
so for now hasta la vista Habibis.