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Dubai Aquarium: A Gateway To The World’s Largest Marine Life

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Do you always get fascinated by the wonder and mystery of the underwater biome? Do you love visiting a place that takes you far away from the holiday crowds? If yes, then Dubai Mall is the best place of getting the full panoramic experience of underwater life in Dubai aquarium. I believe the peace and tranquility that you get after visiting an aquarium is soul satisfying. Today I tell you about the marine exhibit in Dubai aquarium which will be the most enchanting experience of your lifetime. Take a trip to this beautiful aquarium and have an enriching experience watching the underwater beauties.
The Dubai Aquarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums located in the biggest shopping mall in the world, the Dubai Mall. This big blue site has a thrilling Aquarium Tunnel and a spectacular Underwater Zoo which is much more than just an aquarium. At this marine life wonderland, you can enjoy a fantastic variety of marine life. And when you’re done gazing at the whales, crocodiles and giant groupers, you can take a break and head on to the interactive fun zone or for more adventure you can even swim with the dolphins.
Sharks glide through the water in Zen-like equanimity
As soon as you enter the aquarium, you are into that deep end which makes you feel like you are an underwater person. The entrance and exits are both tunnels which take you closer to a massive shark habitat, with sharks swimming all around you. I don’t think you would have seen so many sharks in one place before. This aquarium houses over 100 sharks starting from silvertip sharks to sandbar sharks to the endangered scalloped hammerhead shark and this gives you a perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the marine wonder.
Be Fascinated by the crocodiles
If you’re a big fan of crocodiles, this place can be the perfect treat for you. The 10 million liters Dubai Aquarium has one of the most significant crocodile collections on this planet living over here. You can even find the giant King Croc over here which is a rescued Australian Saltwater Crocodile. You won’t believe a crocodile can be that big. It is a sea it feels its experience.
Be Amazed by the Open Ocean Habitat
The Aquarium in Dubai Mall is probably the best Aquarium experience. The Open Ocean Habitat gives you an experience similar to diving into the depths of the big blue sea. Here you will see many amazing creatures from the breathtaking piranhas to Humboldt penguins, giant turtles, starfish, water rats, jellyfish, seahorses and many more. The aquarium has more than 400 sharks and rays and over 33,000 living animals. It’s like the Windows fish screensaver screening to real life. You can watch the underwater world by swimming around in the blue water.
Largest Acrylic Panel
Dubai aquarium has officially marked its presence in the Guinness World Record for the world’s “Largest Acrylic Panel.” The panel measures 8.3 by 32.88 meter and is 30 inches thick leaving Japan’s Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium far behind. You can enjoy the glass bottom boat ride which provides a panoramic view of the 33,000 aquatic animals below as your boat moves on the top of the world’s most giant suspended tank contains about 10 million liters of water.
Stop by the Terrific Reefs
Coral reefs are the most exciting part of the underwater world, and they are incredibly colorful. You can always find something new, and you struck by the beauty of the fishes darting in and out of the coral reefs over here. Whether it’s a unicorn tang or the green coral reef, the aquarium spellbound you by its amazing beauty and uniqueness.
You can either opt for the standard card costing AED 55 or The Platinum Aquarium package costing AED 80. The regular ticket allows access to both the aquarium and the zoo, and the Platinum package offers behind the scenes tour also. You can even opt for the ultimate aquarium ticket and gain access to the zoo and the aquarium along with an opportunity to ride on the glass bottom boat.
Opening Time
Dubai Aquarium is open seven days a week. You can visit this aquarium from Sunday to Wednesday 10 am to 10 pm, and Thursday to Saturday up to 10 am.
Tel: +971 4 448 5200
It’s a unique experience to find an aquarium in a shopping mall. It’s fascinating to learn about marine life habits and enjoy an up-close interaction with the underwater beauties. I loved my visit to the magical world of marine species, and this trip has added many beautiful experiences down the memory lane. Don’t you want to gel up with these magical creatures? Come to the heaven of marine life- Dubai Aquarium.