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Dubai Culture and History, How it feels in the East

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Dubai is a city which constantly changes. It would be coequal to compare Dubai with a magnet as it pulls tourists from every corner around the world. It is no surprise that Dubai forms an image of nightlife, clubs, parties, fun, and entertainment in mind. But let’s dig deeper. There is more.
In a few cases, people were drawn to Dubai due to its rich cultural heritage and history. Dubai is a wonderland for all those, who are interested in culture and history. Noticing, that the Emiratis out of all people are very sensitive and protective in considering their history and traditions, they value it, as it is sacred.
Dubai is in existence since the mid of the 1800s. Bani Yas back in the year 1833 was unaware of the fact that the place where he had been tripped upon will be known as the famous Dubai worldwide.

Cultural Aspects of Dubai
A nation’s culture resides in hearts and the soul of its people. If
Dubai is cream cake, then Sunni Muslims are the whipped cream
part of the cake whereas other religious groups are the cherries on
top. This whipped cream is then further subdivided into Malice
Islamic school or Hanbali one. It may come as a blow, but the
reality is, most of the dwellers aren’t the citizens of UAE.
Residents of Dubai can be said to form a pack of Tutti Frutti ice-
cream as the composition is a mixture of individuals from different
countries, cultures, and traditions. In short, they all contribute to
Dubai. People from India, Iran, and Pakistan, etc. make Dubai a
colorful place to dwell in. Most people speak Arabic, but as

mentioned above the cultural variations leads to diversity in a
linguistic way too. Thus you can hear Farsi, Hindi, and Urdu, etc.
when at Dubai.

“Forever hungry Dubai.”
Dubai’s food will carve you for more. There are\various cuisines
offered to make sure that a stomach is never bored! People love the
inclusion of chickpeas, lamb, and chicken here. Items such as
falafel, fuul, shwarma, and houmos are the best thing I ever tasted.
Alcohol is also available in hotels for visitors only, as Muslims do
not drink.

Art takes courage!
Dubai favors the promotion of art. I believe in the saying ‘art is the
only way to run away without leaving home” So if you ever want
to enjoy, art has got new wings. Moreover, This vibrant city is just
more than a place to live, a place where dreams meet reality.