Why Dubai Satwa is a magical Place

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Dubai Satwa has various shades of luxury to offer. Infrastructure that speaks only brilliance of man’s capability, food that has only one signature, i.e. appetizing, amazing guest service that commands applaud and all the more the artificial beaches that compels everyone to come back and visit the notoriously stupendous place Dubai Satwa.

Well, if stars are less to dignify Dubai for its amazing offerings, there is a different shade of Dubai Satwa
that many of us are less aware of. Dubai tourism has another dimension to it i.e. the Dubai Satwa which is also known as the low-income suburbs of Dubai has a different story of Dubai all together. Dubai Satwa is practically known as the unpretentious district of Dubai and comes before the gigantic skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Dubai Satwa: A timed out place before the supersized modern city, Dubai Satwa is basically a place where mixed culture people live further wearing a low-income group hat. People who are Arab, Filipino, Indian, and even a few European residents rub shoulders in the significantly lesser known place. There are lot of eateries and other less-commercial places in Satwa which gives an insight of true Dubai city to people.

Important Landmarks in Dubai Satwa: Dubai Satwa bordered by Bur Dubai and Jumeirah, Dubai Satwa is a home to numerous crucial landmarks of Dubai. The place is a witness of plenty of roadside eatries and also a special mention of street cats who leave no chance to linger around fetch for scraps.

Al Mallah: While being on Dubai holidays, the second thing that comes in tourists itinerary after shopping in dubai is Arabic fast food and Al Mallah is one of the best places that offers delicious Arabic fast food. Popular eatries are shawarmas and falafel sandwiches. The taste is unique and will give leave a tantalizing taste on your tongues.

Al Satwa Road: Taking a stroll down this noisy and chaotic Dubai Satwa street will leave an everlasting impression on your mind. Huge range of amazing fabrics, homewares, clothes, Pakistani and Indian sweets are offered on the Al Satwa Road. Make sure to add Al Satwa Road in your Dubai Holidays itinerary.

Coventry Tailoring in Dubai Satwa: Hidden from the side alley of Al Satwa Road, the tailor has been doing his business since past 30 years and has a loyal customer base. If you wish to test out the skills of the tailor, then you can bring any sort of photograph along with the fabric and you will get a pleasent copy of the design you asked for, further leaving you stunned in awe.

Ravi Restaurant inDubai Satwa: The long standing Pakistani restaurant is a favorite of every celebrity and locality in Dubai Satwa restaurant offers an authentic and off beaten path cuisine further leaving you desperate for more food. Few picks for your assistance, try out dal packed with ginger, piles of fresh crisp-edged breads and no-fuss tandoori chicken.

Il Rustico: The place is a licensed Italian eatery which offers a cozy and a cottage like environment for its guests. The ambiance is chilled out and attracts peace and comfort. The pizzas and pastas offered here are amazing and will give a true italian taste who comes and dines at the place. Visit the place if you want to get an Italian taste in the middle of a desert.

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