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Dubai’s Wild Wadi Water Park is an Experience of a Lifetime

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Dubai is the jewel on the golden crown of the Arab Emirates. If it has proved something over the years, then it is that, when you are in the land of stunning Burj-s, rising high from the golden sands to touch the bright sky, anything is possible. So when I was able to witness the wonder that Wild Wadi Water Park has it is not a surprise. This water park which is set up against the backdrop of the deep blue Persian Gulf provides the ground for one of the best water parks in the world – a perfect place to visit with your family and take advantage of the thrilling adventure that this park will offer. I can assure you; you won’t be disappointed.
Dubai’s Wild Wadi Water Park is located just beside the famous Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The location gives the water park an advantage over its accessibility. I was staying at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, so I was able to walk my way to the water park, but I did ask around, and they said that reaching the park is not at all hard as it falls on the famous Jumeirah Road. What attracted me the most, as soon as I stepped into the water park is its appearance. The water park is on a theme. The theme of the park based on the tale of Juha, famous Arabian folklore. The sand-village like appearance creates an alluring idea for the park, making it look like something straight from Arabian Nights pages.
This water park has appeared in several lists of top water parks around the world. It offers 30 rides and attractions for you and your family. Even though Wild Wadi Water Park is the first water park to mushroom in the Middle East, it now faces competition from its neighbor Aquaventure Waterpark, which is much bigger and glamorous than Wild Wadi. But the fact that it has stood tall against such fierce competition shows how amazing it is in itself. It is true that Wild Wadi Water Park has constructed on a smaller area compared to the other water parks, but it nonetheless presents a competitive and beautiful water park that can give any top American water park a run for their money.
The famous Jumeirah Sceirah ride in the park is the tallest and fastest free-fall water slide outside the United States of America. The ride climbs up 32 meters, to take a sweeping view of the park, before falling down the 120 meter tandem slide at a ferocious speed of 80 km/hr or 50 mph. The thrill you experience is unimaginable; it is perhaps the real test of adventure. But don’t think that it is the beginning and end of all the fun that you are going to have at Wild Wadi Water Park, as there are so much more to encounter. At Tantrum Alley, three tornadoes and downhill water slides will greet you with aplomb. The gravity-defying Master Blaster aquatic roller coaster will shoot you 15 meters above the ground and send you in a breathtaking ride propelled by high-powered water jets.
If you are carrying babies or toddlers, you will be happy to know that Wild Wadi Water Park has a dedicated space for them known as, Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon, which is equipped with interactive play structures with over 100 water activities that include, slides, water guns, climbing frames and a dumping bucket. This water park is essentially a family-friendly park and most of the rides designed in such a way that kids can enjoy those. But don’t be disappointed as these rides are equally fun and thrilling for the adults as well. I rode some of these and let me tell you; my adrenaline was pumped up!
However, if you are looking for some relaxing time at the park, you can opt for the Juha’s Journey, which is a 360 m long artificial river that will allow you to float around the park, relaxing every tiny muscle in your body. I took this, and it was amazing!
The water park also houses several favorite restaurants named, Julshan’s Burgers and Dogs, Juha’s Family Kitchen, Ali’s BBQ, Riptide Pizza, Leila’s Fruits, and Snacks and Shahbandar’s Café. These restaurants serve almost all kinds of food items. Try the shawarmas, fried chickens and salads.
Wild Wadi Water Park is a bit overpriced, but you can rarely complain, as it offers so many things. It is not a surprise when Trip advisor ranks it at No.6 in their list of Top Ten Water Parks in the World. If you are in Dubai, make sure to visit this water park, even if it is for half a day.