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Ergonomics Programs That Make Your Team’s Lives Full Of Energy,Corporate Wellness Co.

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Corporate Wellness Co organizes many programs that transform your business rapidly by making your teams’ productivity increase.

Transform your team’s lives and makes a big difference in your corporate and life.

Tim Garrett. Corporate Wellness Expert organizes many programs to make a tremendous difference in your work culture AND: reducing medical complaints of your team.


The skinny is: our organization can increase your output which helps the organization to earn more money.

According to local statistics, the 2nd most significant cause of lost workdays is due to pain and physical tension called WSMDs (work-related musculoskeletal disorders).

Tim Garrett, Corporate Wellness Expert, assures a balanced and happy work-life balance by those programs he organizes by Corporate Wellness Co.

What Corporate Wellness Co typically see are employees that are stressed at work, they start to skip meals, eat mostly the junk foods and also proper sleep gets affected, and thus the employees productivity also suffers.

Compare that to after the program:

Their work performance level increases,
They are more conscious about their food,
Take regular meals and
Do more exercise to be more energetic.

How the program impacts your team’s lives:

Our holistic ergonomics programs are incredibly life-changing because they help your team release pain and Tension and stop them from visiting the Doctor or physio.

The Doctor posture and Doctor Health workshop

Corporate Wellness Co. has created a stunning a program named Doctor Posture and
Doctor Health.

The Doctor posture and Doctor Health workshop is the most popular program of the company. This program lets you know about the incredible science behind your posture in life and at work and how the whole body is affected by a bad posture. They also provide the best solutions to fix the problem to improve the following:

Work Energy
Stop pain and Tension
Increase Healthy hormones
Improve Digestion

In this program, the company makes you understand how there are 7 very real and very significant effects from bad ergonomics in Dubai including digestive problems, a disorder in the nervous system and disease in the hormonal system.

Main Objective of the Program

Tim Garrett, Corporate Wellness Expert states: there are mainly eight things which are the root cause of people ergonomics or posture problems. The purpose of this program is to help the team to have fun at work. Make they live a joyful and Tension free life, and they can work together as a family with full energy without pain and anxiety.

The program duration is 75 minutes, and it is 80% activity based and 20% surprising educational material. The program is all about encouraging laughing and team bonding.

There is one routine we show you and send you a PDF of after the wellness experience that if you and your team do it for 3 minutes every day, you will find a fantastic change in your life and work.

Holistic ergonomics assessments

Using a better approach ensures we will get better results too.
Without being motivated and inspired no one will change, we ensure we are expert at cognitive behavioral change and implement this into our assessments to ensure long term change.

Then we go through a checklist of 75 checks designed to make the biggest impact in your employee’s life. Everything from sunlight, glare, seating position and height of the monitor is checked, to name but a few!

Our ergonomics communications package

We get your emails opened and your team excited about the program.

An example of one of our communication pieces can be found by getting in touch and we’ll put you on our ergonomics 5 email series newsletter so you can see how good it is for yourself.

Why the programs are so innovative

We discover a remarkable way to engage your team through a robust, tested and proven program structure with the ultimate, mind-opening holistic health information.

Its all about having fun, engaging people, then inspiring them than teaching them and in that order. We have worked hard on our ergonomics programs to improve them month by month, year by year. AND – it shows, people love them.

More information about us and what we offer

Our one-off programs are meaningful and powerful;

We do the exact opposite of average; in fact, it’s enlightening.

We accordingly deliver a new perspective on health to each initiative using the science of behavior change to drive a visible results includes pure ergonomics training, stress and resilience coaching and a range of wellness experiences

How To use exact health science for your team

It’s the fundamental sticking-point that we see many times; over 80% of Clients are too much stress from one or a combination of the seven sources of stress that cause degeneration and disease.

The magic step by step formula for success

The company supports the team throughout the journey of health improvements that have an incredible impact on their quality of life.
Together they deliver bigger and better results than anyone initially expected. Lastly, Corporate Wellness Co. works through a process that involves identifying the company’s pressure points, culture, strategic direction, and what the team would love to change.

How to get in touch

Tim Garrett,
corporate wellness co.

Phone: +971 52 699 3955