Experience Thai Royalty at Benjarong Restaurant in Dubai

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Experience Thai Royalty at Benjarong Restaurant in Dubai


A person with wanderlust is always going to have mustard seeds under their feet. Apart from traveling, there are certain individuals who are very passionate about exploring the culinary food of places as well. I am one such person who is a foodie and am passionate about eating and tasting the mouth watering dishes that mark the signature of that place. Apart from going places food has always been love for me, and this time my passion was much satisfied by the Restaurant in Dubai.

Benjarong is an authentic Thai restaurant that offers an exquisite and a mouth watering ranged buffet to satisfy your burning appetite. It is not only the food that is satisfying but the view as well that almost takes away your breath. The mesmerizing skyline combined with the best Royal Thai Cuisine that reflects the royalty and legacy of old Thailand. It was in the Lunch hours that I went there, and its location on the twenty-fourth floor of Dusi Thani, along with its majestic décor just hits the right keynote to the ambiance. They claim that their décor has been inspired from the royal halls of King Rama IV and they are cautious about the hospitality that they provide along with their palette.

I was greeted traditionally and very warmly by their staffs. The buffet is something that always draws attention, but I personally thought trying out a-la-carte would help me to experience the authentic flavors more. There is a dish called Koong Pad Med Mamuang which is a Thai stir fried shrimps tossed with cashew nuts and other vegetables in a secret mix of spices. The first bite of it was heavenly… The shrimps so tenderly cooked that it melts in the mouth and takes you to Thailand royalties in your imaginations. The classical Thai musicians just add up to the authenticity of the unique dining experience.

More specifically, the Fridays are the best days to visit the place, as on that day the lunch section starts with a larger-than-life dim-sum section, Italian section, an Arabic corner and some all time favorite English dishes along with its specialties. So now, coming to the buffet menu, some remarkable and delicious recipes that I tried were “tom yum po taek” which is basically the original version of the Tom Yum soup that we had been having all our life. But obviously this was the best I had ever tried. The flavors were robust and earthy which adds all the warmth and earthiness that is needed to make someone travel time and places with a mere sip of it.

The next dish in my Favorite List is the “gaam po phad pong Karee”, which is a dish made with succulent crab meat in which the seasoning was just in the right balance and proportion with mouthwatering and tasty crab pieces along with a little of the grab claw that absorbs the flavors so well that hardly anyone would be able to resist it.

Being in an authentic Royal Thai restaurant and not trying out red Thai curry or green Thai curry with hand-made noodles would only be a fool’s decision and I chose not to be one so ordered both.  With the view of Burj Khalifa I could not resist but enjoy the lavishness of the situation and sipped it down in small draughts that moved slowly down my throat and I captured the whole situation or rather each moment of it in my eyes, and I would cherish it forever.

Who could have thought that the place of crude gold and petroleum can offer crude flavors in foods as well?It feels great that Dubai offers  the unbeaten authenticity of Thai Royalty! Thus, this was indeed one of the best experiences of my life. To add to the sweetness of my trip, the mango sticky rice and the special papaya salad just topped it up with its royal crown. The mango sticky rice was to die for. The huge portion of my favorite fruit and the densely boiled rice amalgamated to form this out of the box, and unconventional desert stole all the brownie points. So this is the best thai  restaurant I have ever tried in Dubai.

Visit here to experience the royalty, visit here to activate your taste buds, visit here to experience something that would remain with you for a life time. No doubt this is an award winning restaurant, and in my travel diary, this eatery is definitely getting all the stars. So experience Dubai, like never before. Experience all the delicious  Royal palettes in a Value for Money experience.

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