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Experience The Thrilling Adventure Of Quad Biking In Dubai.

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You’re looking for a venue to go quad biking; Dubai can be the best choice for you. Driving a quad bike off-road is an absolute rush and a fantastic way to experience the scenery of the destination you’ve traveled. Traveling along the dunes on a motor is a lot of fun and an incredibly heart-wrenching experience. The highlands of Dubai are home to various locations that will give you an adrenalin-pumping quad biking experience, and after a few hours of the ride, you’ll discover yourself onto the pinnacle of adventure and new experiences. You’ll cruise around the rocky ground, up and down valleys and as the path becomes challenging you will get to test your quad biking skill. Nothing over here will be a fantasy. A single ride can shake you from inside taking you to a new horizon. So let’s have a look of the best quad biking locations in Dubai.
Big Red Sand Dune
The red sand is Dubai’s most famous. The name comes from the high iron oxide content in the sand which gives it a deep red color. This dune is along Hatta Road and is half an hour away from Dubai. This 300ft high dune is an excellent destination for both beginners and professional in quad biking skills. You can even rent a bike at numerous places set up along the roadside. The charges are on an hourly basis. Prices may vary, but get your haggling hat on – if you are good at negotiating you are lucky to get a bike at a meager price. You should always remember to bring quad biking equipment and all the gears along with you if you plan to come for quad biking because safety should be the biggest priority.
Dubai Motocross Club
This motocross club located opposite to the Jebel Ali Free Zone. For any rider looking to brush up his riding skill, this club offers professional courses where international experts and professionals train you like a pro. The course is open every day except Sunday and is a hub for meeting the riders who have participated in various challenges. You can even join in the six-leg Desert Baja championship event which is organized by this club every year along with many other cross-country racing opportunities. The best thing about this club is that at any level of quad biking if you feel you lack somewhere, you can always take help from the professional riders. It is the perfect platform for getting to grips with riding a motorcycle in desert terrain, and it’s essential to own a bike and gear before you step into this place. This club is the best place for quad bikers to help them get confident.
Al Badayer
Al Badayer is located on E44 along the Dubai to Hatta Road and is mostly a right place for quad biking for experienced riders because sand and dunes mainly cover it and sand biking is not at all easy. You should also carry your gear and your helmet to prevent any injuries while riding. The bikers often lose their control as the dunes get dense. Thus you can also find professional experts at this place to guide you in difficult times. You can stop for lunch at the Hatta Fort hotel. The most beautiful thing bikers observe here is the route which could be fine one day may well be impossible the next – day. So you can’t rest assured that what you experienced yesterday will be the same as today. And after the long ride, if you feel hungry, you can stop for lunch at the Hatta Fort hotel.

Al Ain’s Quad
It is a track ideal for beginner quad-bikers and gives you a glimpse of the incredible view you have never come across in your whole life. You can do proper rides over here along with the single-cylindrical quad. I started my journey at waypoint 1, which is just the other side of the road from the Quad of Zakher, in western Al Ain. It is a parallel road and is free from boggling dunes and rough tracks. You should not miss riding across the two giant pyramids of sand – one that located in the residential area and the other one just across the road. This place is the perfect destination for both beginners and experienced riders.
Quad biking will give you a much more exciting experience in rising above your fear, going beyond the speed and enjoying the desert as long as safety concern not neglected. Doing something unusual remains embedded in your heart forever, and this quad biking experience made me feel like I got transformed into a new person beyond fear, beyond speed, beyond the hustle and bustle, enjoying the ride of my dreams. It’s all about speed, excitement, and thrill and I enjoyed it to the core of my heart.