Explore The Wilderness With Horse Riding In Dubai

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Explore The Wilderness With Horse Riding In Dubai/ An Adventurous Horse Riding Trip To Dubai

Horse riding is a great activity to incorporate with weekends or holidays and truly speaking it’s my greatest passion. From gentle hacking to fast-paced polo and world class race courses Dubai is the perfect place to hone your horse riding skills.  The well maintained equestrian clubs give you the perfect opportunity to get closer to the breath taking horses and learn riding. Whether you want to amble along secluded tracks, or gallop across the plains, Dubai has large options for horse riding to suit your experience and energy levels.

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club

It has become one of the premier destinations for polo players worldwide, offering diverse range of fun activities from show jumping to the interesting game of polo, this place provides a perfect dose of leisure to all the equestrian enthusiasts. It also has a spacious club where you can interact and have adventurous talks. You can have the best ride of your life time across the vast Arabian Deserts or simply relax and have snacks at the equestrian club. If you want to have some rich taste of luxury, then there is no better place to go for than Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club. If you want to see the real sport of polo then a visit to this place is a must.


National Park of Dubai

Sand dune, rolling hills, unexplored forest path and wooded backdrops at the National park of Dubai takes you through the awsome  journey in the lap of nature. You ride on the horse back for a thrilling 1.5 hour with some exotic displays of nature and your mind gets captured into this breath taking journey forever. Horse breeding is also done over here so if you are eager to see that you can even have a glimpse of this amazing scene and you can get a chance to polish or feed them with your own hands.


Emirates Equestrian Centre

Emirates Equestrian Centre offers riding session and conducts various activities and competitions related to show jumping. Established in 1983, EEC is one of the best equestrian center in Dubai to hone your riding skills with professional trainers training you about intricate details of this skill. The riding sessions are mainly organized from mid September which runs till mid June and you get to learn the the tips and tricks of riding from trained riders in disciplined yet friendly environment. Many world class events are also organized over here like National Dressage Competitions, Dubai World Show, etc.


Dubai Palm Riding School

Dubai Palm Riding School is mainly famous for being the home of some of the best breeds of horses in the whole world. It organizes number of interesting activities each year and you can easily participate into these events. The specialty of this place is that it has 7 riding arenas, showcasing some of the finest show jumping and dressage activities. The minimum age criteria required to enroll into it’s classes is 5 years with well trained riders getting a chance to ride through the exotic Desert Palm area.


Al Sahara Desert Resort Equestrian Centre

Nestled among the beautiful scenery of nature shaking hand with the vast sandy desert expanse Al Sahara Desert Resort Equestrian Centre is the perfect place for the visitors to turn their dream of honing the riding skill into reality. It organizes number of activities like horse riding and livery and the riders get to experience the perfect Bedouin lifestyle over here. There are experts and professionals who teach you about the riding skills and help you become a good rider easily. You will also remain startled by the special treatment that the horses get over here.  You can also learn riding skill in group sessions with maximum three in a group.


Horse riding is one of the best ways for visitors and locals alike to feel one with nature, and hone their riding skill in firsthand expansive landscapes and beautiful scenery. There’s nothing better than exploring the wilderness on horseback, at one with the horse below you and the world around you. Whether you’re getting in the saddle for the first time, or are an experienced horse rider these places can bring you even more close to your passion for horse riding. Come fall in love with these places!


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