Falconry Experience In Dubai

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Falconry Experience In Dubai

Deserts are breathing landscape full of so much of emptiness, it’s sometimes difficult to know what’s real and what isn’t. Most of you might be wondering what’s the best desert experience in Dubai that can offer the peerless promise of adventure, wilderness and romance? Interwoven in Dubai’s cultural fabric, falconry has been an integral part of it’s desert life. It was originally used for hunting to replace the Bedouin diet with meat, such as Hare or Hubara but now it has evolved into a regal sport.

You can witness majestic birds soar through the sky and pace down at tremendous speeds to catch game which is the most exciting part of falconry. You can know more about the tradition of ancient falconry in this desert land. You can even learn about the history of rituals and practices that employs trained birds to hunt their prey. So if you are one of those trying to find out something out of this world then let’s together Indulge in the majesty of the UAE’s falconry experience.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai 

Some of my best memories from childhood are of me and my brother wandering onto the dirty roads with our eyes scanning the sky and the tree tops, looking for the figure of a hungry hawk. Falconry is a great way to fall in love with nature, gather amazing experiences, and enjoy yourself and Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve gave me the perfect opportunity to revive my memories. The velvety-soft feathers of a sparrow, took a hawk gently alight on my gloved fist, and I remained startled at the breathtaking speed and agility of a falcon as he swept down at the lure almost within touching distance! Believe me this is just the start, you will have many more amazing experiences by the end of this trip.


The best part about this is that you can interact with the falcons and learn more about the ancient tradition of falconry. You will also get a chance to spot some amazing flora and fauna over here.

Price: 1395 AED approximately.

Falcon Heritage And Sports Center

The national Falcon Heritage & Sports Centre, caters to your thrilling falconry wild life tour where you can learn all about the majestic birds of prey. There are a range of birds on show and you also get the chance to buy them. You can even chat with the knowledgeable store keepers, adore in the beauty of the museum and take a look at the souk.


  • Heart wrenching and entertaining bird of prey experience in the pristine Falcon Centre of Dubai.
  • Gain knowledge about several species of birds including Falcons, Hawks, Owls and an Eagle
  • The only centre in Dubai which permits you to buy these birds
  • The facility of pick up and drop off is also included.

Private Falconry demonstration

You can also experience a private interactive Falconry demonstration with one of the world’s best Falcon Trainers, belonging to the prominent local family. This exclusive experience will help you discover the history of Falconry in the region and you will get to learn a lot about the falconry practices. Get a chance to fly a variety of the world’s most sort after Falcons from this exclusive private collection. Along with the adventure of falconry your tour will also include a scrumptious lunch at the stunning Al Maha Desert Resort.


For many of you, your image of the hawk might be of a killer spirit, fierce creature. However, the birds over here have been properly and thoroughly trained by their falconers. So you can watch them without any worries


You get to learn the secrets of falconry from a Professional Falconer and you get to fly a vast selection of birds.

Falconry Tour Booking

  1. Royal  Shaheen Events


             +971 4 435 655

  1. Viator.com

              Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

              Duration: 5 hours (approx.)


Dubai’s deserts offer you breathtaking interminable bronze sands scattered with various sand ridges and a lot of open space.  These deserts give the ideal play area to falconry lovers. Feel your heart racing with the adventurous sport of falconry in Dubai. Visit a desert retreat for a spectacular falconry display, admire the birds’ natural agility and precision, and enjoy flying your own falcon from your hand. Whether its morning or night the Dubai falconry experience is beyond your thrill and adventure which will make you crave it more. Stay tuned for many more such experiences.




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