Fascinating Facts that You Need To Know About Dubai

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Fascinating Facts that You Need To Know About Dubai


The thing about facts is that they are like little bugs that make permanent residence in our minds. I have always noticed that when information nuggets are presented in huge chunks of words, they are difficult to absorb and retain. They simply go down the flush without any trace of the ghost of the memory of what was learned in the mind. Next thing you know, your mind is the Bermuda triangle; information goes in but does not come out!


But hold on to your horses, there is always another way to train your sponge bob-like brain into keeping something of the snippets of info and that A-1 trick of the trade is called FACTS.


Consider this: your mind is like your tummy and works that way too. When you swallow a huge piece of chicken fajita without properly chewing on it, your belly dear will reject it, and you’d vomit it out! So both sides get 0-0. On the flip side, when you intake small bites and chew them well before swallowing not only does your stomach accepts them but also utilizes to give the energy, so we get a win-win or 1-1 for both the sides.


For the record, these are called manners, and your brain also needs to be treated in this same mannered way. So now that we have discovered the way to soak our brains in the liquid solution of knowledge let’s talk business.


Presenting to you today are quick facts that you need to know about Dubai because a, facts are healthy and b, Dubai facts are healthier. So here we go:


  1. Be Prepared For A Single Temperature

While in most countries you would see the sun high in the sky, the leaves turn brown and mellow, the coat of snow blanket the earth, and the flowers bloom to life, in the form of four seasonal shifts from summer to autumn to winter, and finally spring, there is no such thing in Dubai


In Dubai, you will only get to experience weathers such as hot, hotter, and hottest round the year’s clock. I guess this is one of the profound reasons why the country is open to traveling throughout the year. 


  1. It’s a Place of Several Largest and Tallest

Surprise, surprise you would not want to miss this part, and you might have even heard it, making the headlines. Here’s the list:


Dubai is home to the largest shopping mall by land area, and it is called Dubai Mall, shopaholics, take note, I repeat, take note, you wouldn’t want to miss this heaven on earth. Followed by Dubai being the home of the tallest building called the Burj Khalifa, but I guess even a child knows this, it is so freakin’ famous .


Lastly, it is home to Dubai Fountain, the largest choreographed fountain show in the world. However, the place is nowhere near stopping, nope not at all.


It has come out with plans for the next ten years and states that it will build the word’s largest airport, the world’s biggest Ferris wheel, and the largest entertainment complex.


PS: Dubai is also the place where Palm Islands, the worlds’ largest man-made islands are present in all their glory, and it also has the busiest airport regarding passenger traffic.



  1. Dubai is different  In Ramadan Kareem!

This country is an Islamic country, and so is the majority of the citizens fast meaning a slow day that is peaceful and calm like the deep ocean. Most of the shops are closed during the day, and those that are open tend to cover their windows with sheets so that the passersby don’t get to see food when moving by. The nights are somewhat agile, particularly in the last ten days of the month when people go out shopping for the upcoming Eid.


The end of the month of Ramadan sees the festive Eid-ul-Fitr, and Dubai blooms to life with the hotel bookings, lighting, and glitz and glamor of parties.



  1. The Amazing Demographics

The pie chart demonstrating the population of this place is truly brilliant. You’d be amazed to know that only 8% of the population is that of Dubai’s residents who hold the Emirati passport.


The rest are expatriates and the lion’s share among these is from the Asian subcontinent.


  1. Cranes and Gold

Believe it or not but wallahi this is true, and I am not kiddn’. Owing to its fast growth rate, it only sounds possible that one in four cranes in the world is in Dubai. So that’s about 24% of the world cranes are hanging out in Dubai.

Another bonus point is that the interior of the Burj Al Arab is lined with about 1,790 square meters of 24-carat gold leaf so if you do the proper math then the gold used in the interior décor of the building could cover 46,265 Mona Lisa paintings making it a huge Woah!

But as for now, I have gotta go have some hot breeze outside to determine if it is hot, hotter or hottest today. Adios amigos



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