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Emirati Women are passionate about Elegant and Classic designs. They are in love with timeless styles
that are not only magnificent but highly captivating. Dubai’s Jewelry designers are the creators of unique
styles that enrapture not only women but men from around the world so you should expect the best jewelery brands in dubai. They have an extensive
collection of luxurious accessories of incongruous shapes and sizes. I am going to help prevail such
luxurious accessories of women and list down a few top jewelry brands in Dubai that are all Ladies’
favorite . These brand designs have transcended for years, and not only women but men from around
the world, display their art on several occasions. Here are few collection compilation:
Glitters have their branch in Ibn Battuta Mall which is a mall in Dubai’s. They have the showcased the
best designs displayed. The outlet was so classy; it can be identified from distance. They have several
collections, but if you are running low on your budget, you can move on to the Crislu collection.
Crislu collection has a wide range of rings and pendants. With the finest cubic zirconium stones expert
craftsmanship, Crislu designs are more life. I admire all of them, but what attracts me the most is the
abrasion resistance and color fastness that is incredible due to the use of 18 Karat gold vermeil and
platinum finishing. The specialty of Crislu designs is that each stone has the same color and cut. Hence
the designs are eye-catching.
In case you are not running low on your budget and want something magnificent then track your toe
Montblanc’s magic en blanc et noir collection. The collection includes beautiful white and black fusion.
pearls. En blanc et noir refers to the combination of black and white pearls. These pearls are
recognized as the gift from the goddess of love. People tend to buy the brand more due to the myth.

Aliel has a vast collection of earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. They are not creating
styles for everyone. They create designs for connoisseurs. The craftsman combines ancient traditional
styles with modern ideas and creates pieces for the right people’s eyes to recognize a perfect art. Aliel
has five different collections in stock for you.

Pietra is popular for elaborating the concept of stone on stone. Each stone has been precisely cut to fit
another one. The designs created through such a pattern that it comes out brilliant.


Iznik Collection includes baking of colored enable between metal and brass. The Turkish craftsmen
originally discovered the designs. The collection is named after the city they were created in that is Iznik.

Borosso converts art pieces into jewelry designs making it incredible. Women’s attraction towards
Borosso is incredible.

Using the philosophy of space and light, a versatile collection of Luce was produced. It is named after its
creator Lucio Fontana.

Lastly, Aurora is created through the dressing of gemstones.

For several superior innovations, Damiani is the perfect spot open ten hours a day in The Dubai Mall.
Damiani has a range of eye-grabbing collections. The brand ambassador of Italian’s leading brand is
Sharon Stone. Men and Women from all around Dubai spend hours selecting the perfect moon drop
jewelry. Damiani has a huge collection of jewelry designed by skillful craftsmen ready for your glamor.
Few of the collections are;

Minou has elegant designs displayed in white gold, diamonds, and platinum. The raised position of the
stone greatly emphasizes the beauty of it. A wide range of diamond earrings, necklace, gemstone
earrings, and solitaire rings are available.

For the emergence of classic style and elegance in the world, Damiani presents Elletra. Elletra is the
collection where craftsmen’s solitaire designs exhibit uniqueness and royalty. The natural light of
diamonds enhances the beauty of earnings, rings, necklaces, and pendants on females of Dubai.

Bocciolo collects the essence of flowers and exhibits them on a unique and versatile piece of jewelry.
White and Pink Gold and Diamonds emphasize the grace and class of women. The collection includes a
wide range of unique rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
Jewelry is preferential and entirely depends on one’s personal preference. Women generally know
which design to buy from which brand, but fellas this would help to understand what to gift ladies.