My Favorite Mobile Apps In Dubai

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Mobile apps are no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity. Tasks that take hours to complete now take only a single click. There are several mobile app development companies in Dubai similar to Smart Government, Emaar Technologies and Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing that have created several apps for a better life. Now if you are a resident of Dubai, you might or might not be aware of all the apps that could make your life easier in Dubai. As a tourist, you may not have a single clue. Either way, here is your guide for the best mobile apps in Dubai.


Dubai smart government launched Dubai now. It is an extremely useful app. So basically what the app does is that it provides easy access to government services. There are three login methods and about eleven different services that you can use. The best part is that the app is free and has about twenty-two entities that you can access at any time. You can pay any bill at anytime from anywhere. Dubai app development has just made everything easy. All the officials of Dubai Now deserve a salute.


This app is for all foodies out there. Food on click delivers food from all around Dubai. All popular outlets including Mc Donald, California, Pizza Hut are available on Food on Click. With the availability of delivery timings, you can make a list of food items you are craving at any time of the day. Even your 3 am cravings will disappear with Food on Click. There are several categories and food types available for you. It entirely depends on your mood and preference.


Visit Dubai app is for all tourists out there. My articles and guidance will help you a lot in your trip to Dubai, but visit Dubai will be a safety deposit. Now, what does visit Dubai do? It, basically, encapsulates all the information that is required for your stay in Dubai. The information is structured properly. I personally have tried the app and according to survey people are asking it to be rewarded with ‘the best tourism app’ of the year. The app is completely free so if you are tourist, download it right away.


It is one of the top mobile apps in Dubai. Dubai Mall is not very easy to navigate. This is why Emaar Technologies presents to you The Dubai Mall app through which you can receive 3D map of the whole mall. Besides that, all the information regarding the shops and all the items they have ready for you are available on the app. The app also updates you with the latest and active money saving deals that the outlets have stored for you. It even shows you the spot you parked your car at.


Mpay is another app similar to Dubai Now. It has, also, been launched by Dubai smart government. The app is solely a window making it easy for you to pay all your bills. Etisalat and Du prepaid options are also available. This means no need to stand in line now. The best part is it schedules all your payments so in case you are hustling hard in life and stay distracted, you can download this app and save your life. The service is active and reliable. If you have any issue, they immediately respond and make efforts to vanish all your problems.


You have guessed it right. MJobs is another release by Dubai Smart Government that has a collection of opportunities ready for you to avail. The app is extremely helpful in terms of providing updates for job vacancies. In case you are jobless or you want to change  your job, you can install mjobs and apply to the one that suits you best. However, it only has government related job updates. Other professions are completely avoided by mJobs.  The app is really handy in case you are not satisfied with your job or are looking for another one.


These were all the helpful mobile apps for Dubai tourists and locals. The minute you enter Dubai, you are introduced to facilities you would find in any other city but none of them will provide the kind of service Dubai provides. These mobile applications make the life of locals much easier too. I am not sure about yours so don’t forget to acknowledge me about it.

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