My Favorite Ten supermarkets for grocery in Dubai!

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SuperMarkets in Dubai

When the brief span seems like an eternity. The consciousness ebbs away. That’s when I realize that I have graced my presence in a supermarket. Moving the trolleys into the alleys add a lot to the overall exhaustion and exasperation.
Grocery shopping is not a cup of cake by any means! If given a choice between grocery shopping and sleeping. Without thinking for a second I will choose the latter. The rush, hustle bustle irks the hell out of me. Moreover, I hate it when some acquaintance sees me at the supermarket and they are like “Hey what are you doing here”. In my mind, I am telling them “hunting elephants dude”. Grocery shopping is no less than a headache. It makes you a useless piece of matter for a couple of hours.

Compulsive urge to shop and travel is a recognized physical condition known as dromomania which is frequently found in women. But what leaves me into the pool of laughter is that how some men can shop grocery with equal enthusiasm and fervor as women. Ok now don’t bash me for being judgmental or stereotyping the choices and interest but I had an honor of witnessing such men while I was strolling through the supermarkets of Dubai some days back.

My love for bread and cheese drove me here. This is a grand beautiful grocery store with the range of selection to offer. The non-Muslims are mainly usually having their eyes on the Pork section . It caters all the grocery under one roof. Name it and you have it. What else you need?

This hypermarket sells products more than just household grocery. If my memory serves me right when the last time I made a special visit here, I was taken by surprise to see their extension for various other products like machine, computers etc. The mart remains busy as a bee. The trolleys go bumper and it’s wiser to pay it a visit on weekend mornings.

Union Co-Op Society Hyper-Market
Want to keep everything in stock? Then this is just the perfect place for you. Nothing can ever beat up the freshness of their fruits and vegetables. Unique veggies like German vegan are easily found here.

Ramada Downtown Dubai
You must extend you experience to Ramada if you have never been there. This commodious Mart provides you with the scenic view of the fountain and Burj. Shopping had never been so convenient for me when I last visited it. The management needs applause!

Lulu Hypermarkets
This Supermarket needs no introduction in a true sense of the word. The maintainer knows how to integrate the conceivable customers’ needs intact. So you are in need to pay a visit here if yet not.

Guys now this Aswaaq is a large grocery store — only naming it as large isn’t doing any justice to it though! It displays an amazing array of wide-ranged products which your gaze may encounter the first time and mouth can hardly spell. Other than such an amazing collection, this store provides you with the never dying opportunity to buy this collection once ran out of cash! Didn’t get? Well, I was hinting the ATMS sitting inside of various banks like Noor and the National Union.

Buona sera to all those Italian lovers! Now you have to force your feet towards it. I In addition to the Italian grocery, Eataly offer amazing Italian foods. So there is not even a chance in negative scale that you will get bored here. As Italian food acts as boredom eater and washes such chances away.

This grocery store owns a perfect formula which converts a tiresome and boring shopping Act into pleasant and easy one. But beep beep warning for meat lovers: never go at late nights, as you will have a very limited selection of the meat to lay finger at.

Mall of Emirates
This place has got it all along with groceries! Ya, like for entertainment it offers Ski, Magic Planet Games & Rides. So healthy tips from my side to all parents, kindly take it as I am not using it for now! Just toss your children in the play area, so you get to have an enjoyable shopping experience.

Etihad Mall
It’s a great place for shopping grocery. This place offers gym too, so if you aren’t tired yet after gyming then try your luck with shopping groceries! I am sure that grocery shopping will not disappoint you as a great source of an extensive workout.

Guys weight loss and healthy eating is a journey that begins at the grocery store! So you ought to do one! And yes go alone — my personal tip — so that it is more like a vacation. Happy grocery shopping!

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