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Film production in Dubai is a unique way to spread its culture and traditions. Dubai’s film makers are working day and night for the blooming of its film industry. Several performance classes are annually arranged for prevailing passion and nourishing young mind’s confidence, communication techniques, and other skills. Some of these courses are Kids Theater works, Age 3, Fate Youth theatre, Musical Theatre 3, etc where students are encouraged to surpass their own creativity and imagination.

Moreover, Filmworks Dubai is dedicated to commercial and feature films in order to fully develop its film industry. It has been decades since the organization came into existence and only due to their tactics; the production rate has increased in UAE. Great minds of Filmworks are not only limited to UAE but the whole world. Basically, the task of Filmworks Dubai is to support film makers in the production of full-length films, short films, commercials and TV Series.



Dubai has released several movies till now. Its full-length movie Al-helm was based on the concept of film industry’s several directors and actors . Of course, that wasn’t the start of Film Industry of Dubai. That was the start of full-length movies. After that, Dubai also got in the race of creating the best long movies. But before such movies were released, film production companies in Dubai were focused on making short films.

Dubai’s film production house is really good at creating short films. Mostly, it showcases the noble landmarks we have around us. Short films have become a common thing for teenagers with creative minds and the right equipment to create. Due to which they are aiming higher for film production careers in Dubai.  However, Dubai film industry’s short films are different and more creative. Some short films that I absolutely loved are lost at Home, The Diversion, Disheveled, and the Fallen.

Each year, Dubai arranges Dubai international film fair that encompasses all the directors, actors and creators from around the city and provides them a platform to showcase their talent. It gives them fame and it gives the locals an opportunity to have some fun. The festival arranges a competition where short filmmakers are supposed to gather around and present their short films that they are given only 48 hours to make. The competition hits a wave of panic and excitement among the creators who at any cost have to win it.

Besides Dubai International Film fair, Dubai presents Abu Dhabi Festival and Canne Film Festival that is all about the promotion of Dubai’s filming skills. There have been several short filmmaking teams that have been exposed to the International producers and have landed several jobs and deals with them. There is no lack of film industry jobs in Dubai as far as the talent is recognized by the right eyes. Gulf Film Festival is also held in Dubai that premiers fresh film releases.

Dubai Film Industry creates several TV productions in a year. The count includes several series on the occasions occurring like Ramadan series that goes live in the month of Ramadan. Then there is the production of unlimited commercials. Several Bollywood featured films are also created here in Dubai.

Of course, if Dubai is creating successful films like Tarab Fashion, Bani Adam, grandmother’s Farm, the sons of the two suns,  and Aerials, it has to have some platform to not only promote it but give it a name. Dubai Studio City is a group similar to Dubai Media City that engages 24 hours a day in making Dubai’s film industry as popular as Hollywood and Bollywood. To progress the business to its full extent, it organizes workshops, pre-built studios, freelancing opportunities, back lots, and post production studios.

Film production courses in Dubai are, also, being offered to encourage creative minds from around the country to take part in making the entire production successful. As long as AKA Media, Central Films, Epic Films, Phenoxis Dubai, Dubai Film Production and other film production companies in Dubai are working hard to produce films and series that not only level the plain field in terms of diversity in film industry but empower Dubai to make its way at the top, nothing will prove to be a hurdle for it. It is your turn to enlighten me with your favorite movie from Dubai and doesn’t forget to mention if you have attended any of the festivals I mentioned above. Till then have good day folks.

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