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Hatta more than just an amazing Retreat

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Don’t let the Cat out of the bag- Yeah, this idiom perfectly fits in the case if you are
giving your loved ones any surprise about a dream destination around Dubai. Allow their
eyes to treat themselves because they will be there in for a real surprise. Haa, that’s
precisely happened when my friends bombed me with the news that they were giving me
a treat somewhere near Dubai, keeping the exact location under a veil like a newly
Entrance and Rooms
On stepping out of the jeep van, I was spell bounded to view the Hatta retreat. Elegant
foyer, roof ornated with a large chandelier, lavish décor, and sophisticated furnishing was
a fantasy which I witnessed in only animated movies. Phenomenal was the instantaneous
expressions that divorced my mouth to describe this Hatta Fort hotel. We just headed up
to the rooms as, after a road trip, we needed some chilling time. Every room gave an
excellent view of the exterior, and my room was no less! It offered a spectacular scene
which left me in a daze. It overlooked the huge and proud looking mountains that
shielded the Hatta Fort. My room evoked the memory of the lodges in India — it was
made just like a small beautiful cottage-type villa.
Cafes and Restaurants
What can you expect from a food lover like me? I just hopped to the dining area to not to
miss the chance of gobbling some food. This fort had so much to offer in terms of food
— be it their breakfast, lunch, hi-tea or dinner.
“Do breakfast like a King and lunch like a prince.”
I think these people believe entirely on this. The food is heavenly, can personify as Mano
Salwa of 21st century. The delectable variation at the morning table was just mouth
watering. The taste and the presentation were so up to the mark that I felt like rushing and
kissing the hands of the cook. There also sits the bar which made according to the classic
touch with the barmen knowing their job too well! I had befriended with many of them
because they made some fantastic cocktails.
Customer Services
Excellent Customer Service tops the priority of this hotel. The majority of the staff can
see like busy bees maintaining the extraordinary gardens and keeping up the hotel green
as ever. I happened to cross paths with many of them, and every time I was greeted with
their dazzling smiles and a mandatory question asking,
“Do you need anything ?” I felt like a prince upon the Royal Treatment I received. Their
professional management is commendable, as it seems that the staff has done some Ph.D.
in cordial behavior and hard work. From the receptionist to the person who cleans up the
pools — one to all is very warm.

Some recommendations
Some people nag about Hatta Fort hotel being expensive and all. The prices I think are
reasonable by the services they provide. I would recommend everyone to visit in winter.
As in summers, the place can be relatively hotter than Dubai. Moreover, the arid and
tropical climate won’t let you enjoy the outdoor activities to the fullest.
The early bird catches the worm
If you are an early morning bird, then you have an upper edge over the other people who
love their bed till late in the morning. Your crush and infatuation for your bed can cost
you here! As the time lapses the rush and the crowd begins to increase, and the shuttle
services to Hatta Dam are difficult to avail. I would recommend that you must go on
kayaking instead of waiting for it. What set apart the Hatta hotel from the rest is the
human touch and their distinctiveness. This characteristic of this hotel sent a wave of
butterflies coursing through my veins.
The crease of satisfaction that appears and is marked on the head of a cobbler when he
mends the shoes to perfection and the sense of accomplishment and peace which he
receives is similar to what I felt at the time of departure. This hatta resort brought about
an unknown peace and tranquility. It eased out the dreaded and tired Bazil and
resurrected a fresh one! I just felt this place is the perfect vacationing destination, for it is
entertaining and comfortable like home. I have become its huge admirer due to its
cherished hospitability I received.
It’s a decent place for holidays or weekends. The cherry on the top is the exceptional
pleasure, out of the world peace of mind and relaxing atmosphere. The best site for silent
lovers, so this Hatta resort garners a thumbs up from my side.
Hit this place soon!