HH Saeed al Maktoum House ,A must visit !

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HH Saeed al Maktoum A true Legend and Someone I respect Its Such a Immense Pleasure and gives a feeling of excitement to talk and write about something related to the leader loved and followed by millions ,May Allah Bless Him with more of his Bounties and success all his Life.

Wandering around the city of Dubai can be a really adventurous and wonderful experience. Anyone would love to look the tall structures and beautiful works of architecture all around them. Anyone who is not accustomed to the beauty of the city is bound to express their bouts of happiness. Dubai is really very beautiful and like many others, I am a true admirer of the city. This is not only because of the beautiful structures and projects that are being implemented around here, but the discipline and order showed by the authorities and the populace alike. Among the various places that I have visited and like in the city, the HH Saeed al Maktoum House is surely one of them.


My memories of the visit to the HH Saeed al Maktoum House is still vivid in my memories. I have really loved the tour to the place. Unlike the other places of interest which have been built contemporarily, it is a place of historic interest.  HHSaeed al Maktoum House is located at Al Shindagha area. It is not quite tough to reach the area through the public transports. The Ghubaiba bus station bus station is nearby and so is the Ghubaib metro station. There was also a tourism guidance available for free to take me around the place. This proved really beneficial as the guide showed me around the place and helped me identify the places of interest.


The place was quite large, an area of about 3,600 square metres. We got in after being charged a fee of 3 AED. The children below 6 years of age would be charged 1 AED for admission. The place is open from 3 in the afternoon to 9:30 pm at night, while on other days, it opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 8:30 pm at night. So we had planned in advance to avoid Fridays, and it proved to be a good choice. Another nice touch that I found is that free parking is available near the place. As the guide took us around the place, he started describing various incidents from the past and the life of Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum. The house had encountered the birth of his sons and grandsons and carries a lot of historic significance to the people from the place.

HH Saeed al Maktoum House was built around 1896 in the Al Shindagha area. As the guide told us about it, the house was so built that it would have a strategic advantage by being built at the protruding area above the Dubai Creek or Khor Dubai. Thus, it stands amidst Bur Dubai and dera and overlooks the Arabian Gulf. HH Saeed al Maktoum House has served as the residence of the Al Maktoum ruling family till 1958 and also the premises for the then Dubai monarch, HH Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum. Since then, the place has served as an important spot for tourist interests and thousands of visitors flock to the place every month. HH Saeed al Maktoum House adds to the cultural heritage of Dubai.


We entered the place early in the morning to have a quick view of the place. The residence of the Dubai monarch portrayed simplicity and vastness and surely had a great impression on me. Though the diversity of the wings and the spaces and the variety in the air towers speak much of grandeur, the architecture is surely simple and lucrative. The house now exhibits the life of the monarch through various photographs and acts like as a museum. The displays were divided into 9 wings .

The visit provided me with a unique opportunity to learn about the various facades and the details of the traditional society of Dubai. It also provided me with a lot of information about the strong relationship that had lasted between the ruling community and the citizens of Dubai. The symmetricity and harmony found with the surrounding houses and the ease of contact that the house would allow with normal citizens speak volumes about the rule that existed in the city. The visit to the House really left a nice impression on me and it happens the same with most others.


 The house is directed towards the south west, facing Mecca, which speaks about the religious belief of the ruling family. The kitchen was so placed that the breeze from the gulf would get rid of the steam and the aromas and aerate the house. The house also acts as a host of architectural ideas and can be really pleasing. Paying a visit to the HH Saeed al Maktoum house was a really pleasing experience for me.

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