How to get a Job in Dubai

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One Stop Solution for Jobs in Dubai

Getting a jobs in Dubai is not a simple matter with the kind of qualification standards the city sets for itself, but a little help can go a long way in getting your dream jobs in dubai.

Some of the key jobs opportunities in dubai are in the field of hotel management, airport, shopping malls and shipping industries. So I decided to take a survey of the cities job opportunities in dubai and dug up some pretty cool stuff on the way. Some short cuts to getting your dream jobs in Dubai.

1) Hunt Jobs in dubai while on the go

Get cool mobile apps that help you hunt jobs while you are catching a bus, waiting for your date or at a boring brunch. These apps are specific for Dubai and are branched to various key industries like petroleum industry, construction, and Hotel management.

The ‘Happiness Meter’ is a one-stop job app that is a portal to safe, secure government jobs in Dubai. The government of Dubai this year for the benefit of people who dream of government jobs and to improve citizen happiness launched the app. through the app people can create a portfolio and upload their cv, pictures, search for job in various categories and track application status at the end of it all you can mark how happy you are at the Happiness meter. I mean how cool is that!!

Jobs in Dubai is an Android App, though it is run privately it is absolutely free and is a window portal to all the great job hiring websites in Dubai, it curates the top ranking websites for job placements and makes sure you don’t have to goof around online and come at dead ends. Visit following well known job portals of UAE offering excellent jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah related to IT, hotels, accounting, sales, construction, hospitality, marketing through Jobs in Dubai App.

The government of Dubai runs another amazing app called mJobs, which is available on iTunes store. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, you can register for free, search for available vacancies and apply for jobs in dubai that suit you, all in one easy-to-use centralized gateway. mJobs connects you with almost 20 different government entities in Dubai.

Rozee is a mobile app feed it a few things about your professional background, and let their algorithms recommend jobs that best suit your profile. The app is based in Pakistan but lets you score through millions of job options. The amazing part is they have a separate app for employers so you can be sure that there are a lot of employers scouring through this app.

2) Websites that guide you towards your job in dubai.

The great thing about job websites is that most of them are designed in such a way that you can submit your portfolio and hence they will curate jobs according to your needs.

Websites like has subscribe to a paid package they will route you to their Premium Candidate Management Service and place your details in Arabic and English into the HR systems of the leading employers in the Gulf. So in one-step these websites take care of your cv as well as you basically let them take care of you walking around from office to office with your portfolio. You just have meet your prospective employees if you have a chance of being let in.

3) Creating an Online Presence
You can do everything right, put up your resume on various job hunting websites, marketing yourself by dressing right and buying a tailored suit but making sure your online profile is error proof goes a long way in getting your employment chances. Websites like helps highlight your online profile by helping you make well-edited and clean articles. A lot of firms use to check your online presence and verify documents, so make sure that are all verified and put up online. Making a good resume might come at a price but there are a lot of things you could do for free, if you are an earnest writer writing in your journal wont do, please post what ever you do on your blog and get the online buzz, market your photography skills on Instagram. One key thing to keep in mind while doing online marketing is keeping your personal and social identity separate, even though as a blogger or photographer you might take a personal stand on things make sure your Facebook profiles are not crowded with political views or sexist statements as this might hinder your road to a good career.

4) Some great recruitment agencies in dubai that increase your job stake
You could go by the checklists or if you are a busy person and wouldn’t mind spending money for getting your dream job then its never wrong to hire someone to do the job hunting.

Accel HR Consulting

MGR Management Consulting


JoyIn Solutions

The above are the top recruitment agencies in Dubai and have list of vacancies for the top positions in any industry in Dubai, this is what people might be calling the short cut to success.
For the listing of complete recruitment agencies in Dubai visit

5) Maintaining Professionalism
You might be desperate for a top end job at the world’s fastest growing city but you need to make sure that you don’t look desperate. You could be on one month visit visa in Dubai and may have set several things at stake for this dream job but never show it. Make sure while you are there you are update with your online profile as well as scouring local classifieds for that job. Keep aiming for that one target aim high and make sure to keep in touch with prospective employers even though you didn’t get in but are sure the interview was a great success.

6) Getting residency visa in Dubai
There are different types of Visa for permanent residence in UAE but basically they are split into two in terms of sponsorship. The primary being sponsorship visa with various people hiring you either as an employee under a native employer who will take care of your paperwork, the same applicable for a maid visa. Once you get this done you are eligible for a family visa and relative residence visa.
The second category is student residence visa this is only applicable for students in UAE colleges and universities. Secondary and primary level students will normally be under the sponsorship of one of their parents.

7) Being a freelancer in Dubai
Social media is the best way to get this done as there are various groups on facebook like Jobs in Dubai and that help your feet on freelancing.
Some of the key freelancer jobs in Dubai include working part time as sales person in malls, Website/App Developer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Translator (Arabic – English and vice versa), Content Writer (English and Arabic) and event organizer.

Let your Dreamz Fly High, as Sky is not the limit.

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