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Let’s Take a Feel of Dubai Karama.

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Dubai Karama.
Dubai Karama is a residential locality situated in Dubai which provides shelter to thousands of people. It is one of the most crowded and densely populated areas of Dubai, and a surprisingly large number of people stay here.
My visit to the Karama much surprised me as to how did such a massive number of people stay in a not-so-large an area in such well-developed conditions with absolutely no trouble regarding anything. Be it sanitation, hygiene, work, medicine, water, food or anything else.
From what I deduced, the Karama is an excellently well organized developed location for people to stay in peace with absolutely no trouble for anything. It is located close to Dubai Creek and is a part of the lower area of the city.
Structured in a tight grid pattern, the Karama houses a surprisingly large number of residents in spite of being astonishingly only two square kilometers in size. It is located in the outer parts of Dubai, meant to provide labor accommodation. The Karama is outwardly distinguishable site to its regularity in its low-rise residential buildings.
The Karama is having the density of 46,000/km2 having community number 318. The Karama area consists of several consulates and stretches uptown 2 kilometers between the creek side sensitive area to north and Zabeelpark to the south, which I learned is a 50 million dollar technology themed public park established in the December of 2005. It is this Zabeelpark that separates the Karama area from the landmark Dubai trade center and Sheikh Jayed road and all its skyscrapers.
It is on the western side of the district that the very famous But Juman mall is located on the Dubai trade center road. The population of the Karama generally comprises mostly of the middle class South Asian expatriates. But along with it people from numerous other nationalities also stay here peacefully like people from Lebanon, Iran, and other European nations.
Basically, the majority of the residents are non-UAE personalities and thus were bound to rent these apartments, and the price of a typical one bedroom apartment was 42000 dirhams a few years ago, only to have risen to 6000 dirhams in 2017.
For me, it was a lovely experience to witness the significantly developed Metro service that caters to this area. The metro service is having passageways on both the sides equipped with air-conditioned roadways for pedestrians. The metro service at the Karama is located in the middle of the sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Street, which is an immense help for the residents there as it is one of the most strategic places from where convenience for all possible sides is available.
The Karamacenter has the residential building which is situated near the Karama mosque, and the Karama also houses the Karama park also known as the Lulu park by the small children of the locality. The Omani contingent is a notable organization of the Karama locality who had settled initially in the Karama with the help of the then and Dubai’s first modern ruler – Sheik Rashid bin Sayeed Al Maktoum, the father of the present ruler.
What I learned is that the area of the Karama has become so populated for the fact that these apartments are way cheaper than other apartments available in the southern part of the Creek. The Karama area is filled with numerous economic and commercial centers and provides basic amenities in abundance.
The Karama region is an economically fertile ground for Dubai’s business as not only is it an area filled with labor quarters but also is filled with various commercial and economic centers and consulates of different other European countries.
The people over there at the Karama are very receptive of all the tourist and visitors which made our stay so special as the people help you out with every need. The governing body that has authority over the area is also very efficient as the entire District is exceptionally well looked after and maintained.
My trip had there had been hugely successful as the entire place is not only well maintained but also well looked after.
What I understood is that even in Emirates few are aware of the planned capital; however, few notions of the Karama remains in the infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates for example telephone code 01 continues to be the code of the city.
So it is well understood from all these information that Karama is a significant and famous District in Dubai which provides precious shelter to thousands of people belonging to different places and serves as one of the most commercial and economically happening area for Dubai business along with providing cheap and affordable staying place for people.