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Life in Sharjah vs Dubai

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Dubai has a lot to say, a lot to inspire,
a lot to show, a lot to give and above all a lot of opportunities. My perception for the place has changed significantly since the time I stepped in here, as my loneliness directs me to find curiosity in discovering things, I did something different. I decided to look out for a place here (giving up parties seemed to be hard), shortlisted plenty of brokers, picked up classified papers and then started digging in for information online, the final player.
I shortlisted two places, Sharjah and Dubai for my residential comfort and then I created a
pros and cons list of them so as I can reach a reasonable conclusion.

My opinion of Sharjah vs. Dubai:
Safety: Living in Sharjah is safe as police patrols are continuously circling the place. Any
possession of alcohol or drugs can land anyone in jail, so I guessed Its A sober me, More Pure More conscious. Dubai on the other hand, cannot be concluded on
the safety norms as a whole of UAE is under tight security.

People: People in Sharjah are mainly families and are modest. Since no bikinis and
provocative clothing is allowed, you will have to take your fantasies to Dubai. People are
simple, and plenty of newlyweds relocate here to start their new life, so my vote for a simple
lifestyle would be for Sharjah. , on the other hand, is quite lavish and luxurious, more plastic
to stay if I may. In Dubai connection to life is busier yet glamourous so the  Choice is Your
Transportation: For a hippie like me, there are no rules, so I work wherever I stay, but when
it comes to generalization, Sharjah is best for people who work there and live there. But if
you stay in Sharjah and work in Dubai, then you’ve got a problem to deal with, more, every
day. The traffic hours are mainly morning and night, which cannot be avoided. There are
not many malls in Sharjah, so you got to travel to Dubai for a fancy weekend or a night. Not
that Sharjah doesn’t have markets, but if fancy is the headline, then Sharjah’s market miss it.
Leisure Options: There is a little to do in Sharjah when it comes to leisure options. There are
a few museums if that’s your thing. A lot of traditional shops are there in Sharjah so that you
can try the bargaining game here. Dubai is not “it” for bargaining since malls have zero
tolerance to economic values. Sharjah lacks, clubs and upstate lounge, so you will have
to move to Dubai for them. I prefer a decent stay with more like country or laid back vibe, so
I preferred Sharjah for my short visit here.
Since I pretty much did my research and I prefer Sharjah, but that’s because I am loner, exhausted from fancy lifestyle, and yeah like to stay in a less abstracted place. What’s your
take, do let me know, you know, let’s be friends. Cheers~