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It has been about half a year since I have moved to Dubai. As much as I love traveling, there is something about Dubai that is not letting me leave. Whether it is the landmarks or the people here, the life of Dubai is different. You might be wondering about the lifestyle of Dubai and why I love it so much.

Well as a Muslim, I love it because it is an Islamic Country. Although Dubai is an Arabic Country, languages like Arabic and English are spoken here. Due to the foreigners who visit Dubai, English has become more convenient for everyone to communicate.

Dubai’s landmarks scream luxury and royalty. Architects of the city of lights have built enduring places like world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s biggest mall the Dubai mall, and now introducing Aladdin City.

Dubai’s lifestyle includes one trend that I loved the most. When I first came to Dubai, a random couple invited me to their house. I didn’t refuse because they seemed really nice. They served me tea and cardamom. They requested  me to drink two cups of tea. While having a chat with them, I discovered that turning down people’s invitation is the worst thing you can do to a citizen of Dubai. I was so glad I didn’t refuse to have tea with them. Dubai has the most hostile inhabitants. They treat each other with love and respect. Tourists are treated in the most humble way possible. However, as tourists, you should take no action to upset the residents. Their hospitality is their identity.

One thing that amazes me the most in Dubai is the custom of wearing National dresses. It’s not only a trend to wear national dresses on holidays, but even casually as I walk down the streets, I see several people walking around in such dresses. Men usually cover themselves from head to toe in Kendra Cotton while women wear long decorated abayas. It is a significant attribute to wear scarves along with abayas. Women who don’t cover their head with scarves cover them with veils. Such dressing represents our religion and it is, also, a nice way to prevent heat from causing perspiration as the dressing keeps the body cool. Usually, other styles with light cotton are, also, worn by Dubai’s citizens.

Even the jewelry in Dubai is unique. The diversity in jewelry is clearly seen in the markets. The gold and silver used to exhibit pieces of talent are presented in all local markets. Inhabitants of Dubai represent their culture and traditions by not only casually wearing jewelry but especially displaying it on occasions.

Dubai is the richest country in the UAE. While people’s lifestyle includes work, hospitality and trending clothes, cars are on the top of their priority list. According to statics, for every two locals residing in Dubai, there is a car registered. Due to the blazing sun, it is impossible for residents to walk to their destination no matter how near it is. These days, testing of autonomous vehicles have started and soon the roads of Dubai will be filled with driverless cars. However, right now Dubai’s streets are lined with cars that other countries cannot even afford.

Remember when I said Dubai is different? I meant it in several ways. Citizens of Dubai have the sort of zeal and enthusiasm you wouldn’t find anywhere else. They wouldn’t miss a single opportunity to take part in a competition. Their competitive nature scared me a little, to be honest. Losing is not in their blood or habit to keep it realistic. Competitions like cock fights, horse, and camel races turn all locals reckless and they aim to conquer all prizes. The whole event is so exciting that tourists especially plan to visit Dubai during the competitions so they can inhale the energy around them.

Dubai is no less in providing pleasure to ears and refreshing minds. Emirates’ music traditions are enjoyed by not only locals but tourists as well. Events seem incomplete without the touch of music and traditional dance. On every holiday, Dubai’s talented music groups enlighten the evening with their incredible performances.

I am proud to be a part of Dubai. There is no feeling like home in any other country. Trust me; I am not just saying that. I have visited several countries and I think it is safe to say that Dubai’s lifestyle is exclusive.





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