My list of Top International schools in Dubai

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Top international schools in Dubai


No matter how much you think you hate school, you will always miss it when you leave. During test I used to look up for inspiration, down in desperation and sideways for information! I used to scrunch up the nose with a thought of getting up in the mornings, but right now I am missing that routine like hell. Well, if you people have not yet made cherished memories where the school is more like a society with the caring family, then what — hit these best international schools in Dubai and celebrate the diversity.


Fellows whether you bump to a stranger at the malls in Dubai or meet your distant relative after years — the first thing your ear will meet is with their burning question: which school are you from?

Your reply can either send them in a daze or make them overwhelmed with appreciation. Thus in which school of Dubai you get enrolled is an unexplainable concern that should dance down your spine!  I will discuss Dubai’s best international schools which will make sure your child outshines like I did!



American School of Dubai

For over 40 years this school has made its mark — as since 40 years it is driving out the maximum potential of its students. Here unique ability and interest of students are nurtured to a great extent. Trust me, even if you don’t have any ability these American are gonna dig it out — smart excavators!  While following American curriculum, this college will make the pride run towards you! Better say it will jump to you. As you will get a chance to get enrolled in best US colleges — a common cry of every parent in Dubai!


To the mommies and daddies and future parents out there, the investment will cost you a fortune but be satisfied that this school owns an excellent reputation.  If you are serious about considering this choice then be quick as a bunny and get your child’s name pen down. You know what I mean, an early bird catches most worms.


Deira International School


The best idiom to describe this school is: variety is a spice of life! Your child will find other students from 70 different nationalities — this is what I call international in the true sense of words. This school shadows British Curriculum so most of the teachers hired are British. If you enroll yourself here then get ready to provide your ear with that melodious haw haw accent! Parallel to the high-quality international standards education this school also stays rooted to UAE culture and tradition. They dispense these high standards through a complete package of fun and studies. Buddies future of the world is you — thus this school has well-equipped science laboratories, libraries and a business studies center.  Whenever you said you missed the school let me reinforce what you meant — you meant the art blocks, music rooms, sports field and gym! Isn’t it?! And this place has it all.



Delhi Private School, Dubai


This school has a swarm of 3200 students— in which it drills self-responsibility, awareness, and respect. Their curriculum is designed while keeping the strength and weakness of each individual thus their curriculum is termed as child-centered. Their competitive environment makes sure that each student owns curiosity and research skills.  Genius kiddos of this school have ashamed me once out of their smartness! — imagine poor me. Ting!



The City International School

A great triumph! A school born in Karachi, Pakistan has 152 branches in 43 cities and Dubai is one of that cities. Yaayaii!  With such a widespread, teacher and students easily hop like a kangaroo from one branch to another without much hassle. So if you are an aspiring kangaroo residing in the Middle East or South Asia — then go for it bruh!


Regent International School, Dubai

It follows a National Curriculum of England. Let me blast their secret recipe: they aim to produce innovators by combining the ingredients of technology, computer, and math with humanities! Waaowww not just wow… isn’t it!!   Such an approach will surely generate leaders!



Mirdif Private School

This is an American-based curriculum school, a generous mother earth, which pools in the students from any nationality. A friendly environment here thus will be able to flicker their skills on the surface.


GEMS New Millennium School Al Khail

It provides education to young minds of kindergarten till grade ten students. This school is a mixed vegetable soup, as students from 40 different nationalities make an educational platform rich in diversity.



Kiddiewinks, this is what I have compiled, but no matter in which school you are in Dubai — you are a genius!  Any school which follows a principal of “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” That school is actually a school … Happy studying!

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