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The title should be why I shouldn’t love Jumeirah Lake Towers. There has been a tremendous amount of places that I have not only visited but explored to its roots and inhaled all the vibes they have buried down for me to discover. It has been about seven months since I stepped on the land known to the world as the city of lights. It may only be a bright developed city for most people out in the world while for me; it is home to landmarks which can bless my eyes. One of the charms of Dubai is Jumeirah Lake Towers and the establishment built around it. I understand the lack of awareness inside human brains which is why I have taken up the responsibility to spread information about the places I love the most in Dubai. I am not doing it in search of validation, but in hopes of having a talk with you about the greatness that Dubai possesses.

First of all, let’s focus on the minute you arrive at Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai. It presents the view of the whole town. While standing on the Jumeriah Island, you can delight yourself with the view of Dubai’s largest island, Dubai’s tallest building Burj Khalifa and the coastline of Dubai, Dubai Marina. Certain landmarks of Dubai are only a few meters away from Jumeirah Island. In case you are not in the mood to drive, you can use the Jumeriah lake towers Metro station and save yourself some fuel.

The area around Jumeirah Lake Towers is complete. It has a perfect view, several home like facilities and educational retreats. I don’t know what else a person needs in life. In fact, there are two universities that go by the name Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance and Synergy University Dubai Campus. They offer programs like Bachelors, Masters, and MBA. I am not interested in educating myself anymore. I graduated years ago. However, walking down the memory lane is relaxing. Watching all the students indulge themselves in activities I used to do is a great way to cherish moments I lived as a tension free soul. Now it is all about earning on your own and living alone.

Anyway, enough talk about my life dilemmas and more about why I love Jumeirah Island. Originally, there were three hotels built on Jumeriah Lake Towers; Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Armada Blue bay Hotel and Move pick Jumeirah Lakes Towers. This is the order in which they were built. Recently, another hotel Pullman Jumeirah Lakes Towers opened their doors for a more comfortable stay for the locals and tourists. This establishment increased the total count of hotels in Jumeirah Island to four.

Besides the hotels, there are Jumeriah lake towers apartments for rent. The apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers have the best architecture and layout. While standing in the balconies, you can enjoy the view of XP Windows Desktops. Gyms and Rooftop pools make the area much more fun. Jumeriah Lake towers restaurants are open 24/7 in Dubai which is a big benefit for hungry peeps like me. If you are someone who likes to cook at home then the next facility may interest you. There is a mini market from where you can order groceries that you either run out or never had. It is a great help when you stay in your PJs all day long. Other than that, there is health care facility that is basically first ever health care facility opened in Jumeirah Lake Towers. There are few other medical facilities like Life Medical Center, Aster Medical Centre, and Optimum Diagnostic Clinic. All of them have expert doctors available at your service at any time.

As I said earlier, there are several facilities lined up for your comfort. Jumeirah Lake Towers have one of Dubai’s blissful malls, ‘Ibn Battuta Mall’ that provides the locals with all luxurious and simple items. The parking areas of the mall are professionally built. It’s like there is a whole city in Jumeirah Island. Inhabitants of this area are really polite and their hospitality impresses me the most. People make a place feel like home and that is what Jumeirah Lake Towers and the whole city of Dubai have as the biggest strength.

I always feel like ranting about places I love passes a wave of excitement down my spine. It is always fun to talk to you guys about such charms of life but let’s make this a two-way street. Now it is your turn to tell me the reasons why you love Jumeirah Lake Towers.

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