Museums and Heritage Places You Should Visit In Dubai!

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In these economically tough times, people are seeking experiences more than materialistic bliss. Investing money to visit a museum for one’s personal growth and progress of social relationships is safer than spending money on expensive clothes. After observing human brains carefully and concluding what majority of folks are seeking; I have decided to sprinkle information of Dubai’s famous museums that will not only fulfill all your expectations but make the outing memorable. After all, it is a positive memory that wipes out all negative ones. So here are some famous museums of Dubai and Attractions that connects you to the history of Dubai.





In a fort called Al Fahadi lays the oldest building in Dubai. Somewhere in 1787 Dubai Museum was built for the exhibition of Emirates’ traditions. It is the main museum that was built by Dubai’s ruler in 1971. The museum not only has antiques, dioramas but also artifacts that were traded when Dubai came into existence. The dioramas represent the life of Emirates from back in the day while the artifacts represent the life of 3000 BC. When you enter the first gallery of the museum, you’ll notice the display of ancient maps of Dubai. On further approach, there is a video room that compares the old Dubai when there was no oil and the present Dubai. It will give you goosebumps. There are depicts of the desert as you discover the museum more. My favorite part includes the street that takes you to a model mosque. And then, of course, the gift shop to entertain you with presents from ancient times.




If you are looking for a more ancient experience then Antiques Museum is the one for you. It is built on a huge warehouse that looks more like a cavern from back in the day. The owners; Fakih group gave it all little dull and dusty look to make it more attractive. It is less of a museum and more of a gift shop where you can find your treasures and head home. All exotic items from around the world are available for you to shop. They are imported from places like Africa, Morocco, Indonesia, Egypt, Nepal, and Turkey. It is basically known for being the largest souvinire shop. There are about four warehouses. However, the museum, still, has only a narrow passage to the items displayed. You may not lack money inside that place, but you will definitely lack time. There are millions of items exhibited there. Unless you are a resident like me who can keep on visiting the museum; you need to have at least 5 hours to calmly have a look at the items and then buy the ones you like.




Somewhere in Bastakiya district, Bur Dubai is a building where Heritage House resides. Heritage house has the main task of preserving Emirates culture and traditions. However, besides that, they encourage artists from all around the globe to promote their art. This way, artists from all around the globe can unite at a common location and appreciate each other’s hard work. It has turned into Dubai’s prestigious art gallery.




As the name indicates, Car museum is house to a collection of cars. Some of them belong to the owners that reside there while others are a gift from several parts of the world. Most cars are refined and repolished to meet the standards of the museum. It is not exactly in Dubai, basically two and a half hours away, but I can guarantee you it is totally worth the drive. The museum has this cool theme where each day a common color of different cars are displayed; which means each car has rainbow colors. All the cars have TV and refrigerators. Besides that, there are military cars for children to climb into and have fun. One of the vehicles even has a golf area on top of it.


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At the end of Dubai Creek, next to Sheikh Saeed’s house rests a traditional heritage village. It displays the essence of Dubai’s culture and heritage. It is an alive testimony where potters and weavers are welcome to practice their art and crafts. The place is alive during the Dubai Shopping Festival when the exhibition of desserts awaken spirits and the competitions of ship building and parachuting bring new zeal and enthusiasms in people. If you have some spare time, don’t forget to visit Heritage and Diving Village.


I must say, writing about Dubai and its allure make me focus more on them and then I find more reasons to love Dubai. These were all the museums I think are the best ones. You are free to add some more museums to that list. Till then have a good day.

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