My Experience with Dubai’s Only 5 star Luxury Dinner Cruise!

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Usually there is a need to be extra careful in selecting the right cruise for you. Trust me, I was shaky too when I had to make such overwhelming decision. The dilemma is that there are just so many options to pick from. I know what you are going to say. Try one at a time, but you don’t understand. If one experience is bad, it automatically places a stop sign on the next one; which is why the first one needs to be the best.

Now while selecting a cruise, you need to look inside of you. Ask yourself what you are seeking for in your trip. Is it the food, the environment, or the adventure? Or is it everything? For me, it is the food and the view. When I was sitting casually in Dubai in Ramadan, I was on Google searching for a way to fulfill my need for an adventure. I came across Xclusive Dubai Yachts. Luckily, these guys were offering an amazing cruise experience. I had some spare time on my hands and my craving for an adventure was getting worst. That is what happens when you are a traveler. You just cannot stay at home for too long. So I joined them in hopes of a good trip.

Let me just start from the beginning of the excursion. The minute I stepped onboard, I realized how compatible it is with my personality. While my speed boat experience was a bit casual, my cruise experience was more luxurious. The feeling of royalty I enjoyed in those two hours couldn’t be explained with words. But I can explain it to you with a moment I had the minute I stepped the Bay Area I took a red carpet picture taken by a talented photographer of xclusive yachts . If you don’t find that royal, I don’t know what you are expecting on the start of an extravaganza.

Now there were two decks. The lower one was basically the food area. It looked like a five star hotel’s restaurant. While the lower area was all air conditioned, the upper deck was sky conditioned. It was perfect for pictures and view.

Now, the cruise began some time before Iftar. If you are not a Muslim and you are not aware of what an Iftar is then let me enlighten you. Iftar is the meal eaten by Muslims on the sound of Azan in order to complete their fast. As soon as the sound of azan reached our ears, we ate the dates we were served. Right after that, I chugged in a whole glass of fresh juice. That juice made me so comfortable. I cannot explain the beast of thirst that awakens inside you the minute you hear Azan. Before that it is your faith that tucks the beast in bed, but as soon as you recite the words on completion of your fast, you just need that chilled glass in your hands. After that, appeared in front of me small portions of heaven. I literally wanted to kiss the chef’s hands for a desirable dining experience. The quality of the whole cuisine we had was higher than my aims.

When I was done stuffing my mouth with all the items God’s talented creature made for me, which by the way were not only high in quantity but surpassed the chart in taste. I went on the upper deck and drank some black tea. As the cold breeze touched my face and refreshed it, I sipped black tea that make the moment more pleasurable. In front of me were allures of Dubai. Burj Al Arab never looked the way it looked at that moment. And no, I am not exaggerating. I mean it. When you are stuffed with divine food, sipping tea on the roof top of a cruise, you not only find the view astonishing, but you actually feel it to be perfect.

Dubai, the city of lights, has few landmarks that if viewed in a certain environment will feel more luxurious than a Royal Palace. Dubai’s most valued treasures includes the whole coast line having possessions like Jumeriah Island, Marina of Dubai, Burj al Arab, lagoon and of course the Palm of Dubai. I was literally blessed to view all these landmarks in a peaceful surrounding. It felt like I was born to admire these manmade perfections. The ride ended in two and a half hours and I was home by 9 just reminiscing the memories I made and of course, editing pictures.

Now that was all my experience. Feel free to share your experience with me. We can have a two sided friendship. I am sure there is no harm in that and you would like it. Have a good day folks .

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