One Stop Dubai A Expats Paradise

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What Makes Dubai Your Ultimate, All-in-One Travel Destination

Are you looking out for that one place that satisfies your soul and entertains you with a wide variety of retreats and awesomeness ..


Hell yeah I gotta answer this one!


Nah it’s no magic ,Just a personal experience after wandering in Dubai for quite sometime ..

Wondering which place is the answer? I have got the right answer for you and it is called Dubai.


It was long ago that the place was recognized as a small land of desert. Now, it has prospered to a travel destination that attracts all and sundry 365 days a year. So here’s to party in the UAE.



The place is a heaven for all the shopaholics out there. You can go berserk at the malls that are finely polished, glittering with all the fine tiles and lighting or you can sizzle in the heat but do some crazy haggling at the souqs in the Dubai and take home tonnes of shopping bags. Hurray, a new dress to impress!


This place has it all from air-conditioned malls like the Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Dragon Malls and the others, which boost a pool of cosmetics stores, high-end designer outlets, art galleries, fabulous accessories and shoe stores, and super-duper gadget shops. On the flip side, at the souqs you’d get a touch of the Middle Eastern shopping style where young girls, men and women alike bargain to get their favorite copies of brands, tech gadgets, ouds, perfumes, spices, and what not.


There are lots of thrills in this travel destination with an action-packed day, highlighted with a tinge of adrenaline burst. You would go oh-my-God with the opportunities of sky-diving, fly boarding, shark diving, bungee jumping, and deepsea diving. Dubai is a treat for all those who have a knack for a worthwhile adrenaline rush.


Not to forget, you can also drive super cars here. Yep! Your dream of riding those Formula 1 sooper cars is a reality that awaits you. So when in Dubai, do as the Dubians do.



This is going to be a mind-blowing experience living in the hotels in Dubai that are literally worth every single penny spent from your pocket. The living experience is a xerox copy of those shown in movies, oh wait, it’s the other way round in Dubai. The hoteling experience in Dubai is not like the one, but the one shown in the Fast & the Furious and other prominent Hollywood Movies. I bet you wouldn’t want to even get out of the hotel itself.


Plus, there are two underwater suites at Palm the Atlantis Dubai so you can book one of those as well, provided you have a big, fat wallet.


You don’t have to worry about the mood of your heart when it comes to Dubai. You have some really hot and cool, both activities waiting in the wings for you here. And blimey when “the heart wants what it wants” Dubai is there to serve it the best.


Why? Because it has both the desert safari and the ski resort so you have the best of the world of both hot and warm weathers. Doesn’t that make this destination an ultimate stop? It definitely does!



How about a view of the Palm Jumeriah? The fairy-tale like palm tree shaped archipelago crafted by man. The thought only needs to zip across your mind and Dubai has it ready for you. You can watch the Palm island from a helicopter that can fly you all over the place.


Oh, you want to take the adrenaline pump up a notch or two? You have not got to be kiddin’ me because you can sky dive over this very location.


Stand on top of the world at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure and the beautiful-est (well that’s my addition) You’d kill to stand there because the view is beyond breathtaking from the 144th floor of the Burj Khalifa. One can only imagine the fun at the 829.5-meter tall building.


There are some really cool water parks and aquariums in the Dubai that make the trip more than just memorable, they make the trip one-of-kind, always-on-your-mind! Two prominent aquariums are at the Dubai Mall and Atlantis, the Palm. And there are not just for sightseeing. You can dive in there and eat amidst the fishes with the dine-in restaurants.



The country is littered with spas that will make you go ahhh with all the relaxing places for you to get massages and relieve your muscles from all the stress.


These loads of excitements in one place make Dubai a sizzling place to visit. For now, I have gotta go have some fun and I bet the next time you have any travel plans you can say Dubai? Dubai!

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