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Quick Fishing Guide Dubai

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Guys, I seriously look like a puppy when my friends go fishing in Dubai without me. Why every guy loves fishing? I don’t know about women, but for men I know we can relate ourselves to fish. How so? Come on pals; fish and men both get into trouble when they open their mouth! Well, not only in Dubai but all over the world your soul mate won’t tell you his favorite fishing spot. As he very well knows then that spot will no longer remain only his! But friends, I will sincerely pass onto your head some great fishing spots in Dubai, where you can sit all day and ask your worries to disturb you tomorrow.

Fishing Spots:
You all are very well enlightened by the fact that UAE is renowned for not only for shore fishing but also for deep sea fishing. I will share some excellent fishing services, in addition to the best fishing spots in Dubai.
Al Garhoud Bridge
Jump on driver seat; hit your foot on the accelerator and make the engine roar. Smack the brakes with your foot only after reaching Al Boom Tourist Village in Dubai. People, next you will need to force your feet to step a few miles in dust-covered area — Eureka you found the location! Smart enough. But even if yet you didn’t reach your eureka moment, then intelligent people wake up your GPS from sleep, and it will tell you the exact location.

Creek Park
This place will earn you a pure joy of fishing in Dubai. Being a park itself, it facilitates you more than Al Garhoud; it provides you a nest where you can jump into and comfortably rest. Guys by the nest, I meant a cozy sitting and relaxing place. What did you think?! Well, in case you want to murder your hunger and thirst, and then all such weapons are easily accessible around. Now how to get in? Drive to the main entrance of Creek Park, after that twist yourself in the left direction and start walking till the end of the seaside. As soon as your eyes encompass a circular place — aha — that is the place where you can kidnap the fish from!
Al Maktoum Bridge
Dive into your casual pajamas and don’t bother to style your hair people, as at this place you could be anyone — or perhaps no-one at all. The reason for my advice is undeniable because here people flow like rivers. Favored by great popularity, it owns a title of being a busy place even at the crack of dawn. After sailing your car through Dubai court, you need to park in its parking lot. Walk for about five minutes and Habibi you are there! Red alert: people who love to relish free things, I will suggest you step out for fishing on Fridays only — as there is no parking fee on this day!

For this particular spot, you need to check the location map and coordinates because if I guide you through then, you will never reach this place before night! And all your fish will rest in someone else’s bucket! Well, on a serious note, this favorite spot is located opposite of Sheraton hotel. After parking your car and putting it to sleep for the next couple of hours, you need to show some Spiderman skills and jump off the water break rocks after climbing it. Now keep that Spiderman inside, and as a human march straight till the end then you are there. Now again — let your Spiderman flicker on the surface, as the rocks which you will be fishing on are slippery. Be careful of the danger that those rocks could pose. Knock knock here rings my advice people: make sure you use a four-meter rod as the rod has to reach the fish — you don’t! Well, this place is for barracuda lovers as you will find this species in abundance. Families mostly occupy this place at weekend nights, where they enjoy fishing till morning.

Fishing services:
In the case where you can’t fish alone then you always have the option to avail services like Go fishing. They believe fun is under the sun! Since 2010 they are pouring out their love for fishing. Their services ensure that your head accepts the fact you are on vacations. So why not try them out and let the breeze tease your hair, while your rod teases the fish! You will surely find a lot of fishing services on fish is me as well.
We all have a common saying grilled into our heads which sound something like: “Fishing is better than therapy.” So, fishing is my anger management. What is yours? Tell me in the comments and until the next time: Eat. Sleep. Go Fishing.