Richest Indians in UAE

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The Gulf is full of surprises in store for the world and has been able to crack all standards of achievements be it hotel industry, services, buildings, spas and not to forget economic value. Dubai’s political system has take a huge step and having a nature of optimum synchronization, the system has done a lot for the city’s structural development.So who are the Richest Indians in UAE , How Indians have been beneficial in the same is something that we will be talking about here today. Jotting down the list of of who sre the Richest Indians in UAE having contributed to the economic upliftment of UAE.

Richest Indians in UAE Sunil Vaswani: Sunil is a Dubai-based Indian business who has a company estimated at $ 7.2 billion. In the year 2015 he had topped the list of richest Indian in the Gulf region. Vaswani is the chairman of a Nigeria based multinational company named as the Stallion Group. His company is operating in around 18 countries including UAE.

Richest Indians in UAE FerozAllana: The Indian blood business owner has a networth of around $ 4.5 billion and was also in the list of richest Indians of Dubai of the year 2015. He is the founder of the IFFCO & Allana group which deals in FMCG.

Richest Indians in UAE Dr Ravi Pillai: According to Forbes, Ravi Pillai is the Middle East construction magnet. His company RP Group has an annual turnover of around $3.6 billion. Last year his company was successful in bagging around 3 Kuwait based petroleum projects.

Richest Indians in UAE BR Shetty: Billionaire with an annual turnover of around $ 2.7 Billion, BR Shetty owns a healthcare business. He started with Saudi Arabia by getting a two hospital deal and then slowly moved towards UAE. At present his hospital chain stands at a multinational level.

Richest Indians in UAE Yusuffali MA: The Middle east retail king enjoys an annual turnover of around $ 3.9 billion. He owns 129 stores in the gulf region, Indonesia, India, Egypt and Malaysia. At present he is in talks of investing around $ 300 million in South India.

Richest Indians in UAE Joy Alukkas: Another Indian who has made a tremendous mark in the UAE with his outstanding business tricks. Joy annual net worth is $1.9 Billion. He is a son of a jewellery store owner and opened his first overseas jewellery store in Abu Dhabi in the year 1987. At present he has his own jewellery brand with 105 outlets spanned out in every part of the world.

Richest Indians in UAE Sunny Varkey: Having a net worth of around $ 1.97 billion, Sunny owns a K-12 education schools all over the world. His company GEMS Education is the world’s largest operator of the K-12 schools and has earned a great reputation for itself.

Richest Indians in UAE Azad Moopen: Azad’s Dubai based hospital chain, which includes 13 hospitals, 180 pharmacies, and 87 clinics in Middle east has brought him an annual net worth of $ 1.28 billion. He is now planning to expand his business more.

Richest Indians in UAE Micky Jagtiani: One of the most richest Indians, Micky has a net worth of around $ 4.1 Billion from his retailing giant. He was also able to suspend Trump- branded products around December last year when Donald Trump made some anti-islamic remarks in his election campaign last year.

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