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Saeed Al Maktoum House Dubai a review 2019

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, Saeed Al Maktoum House Dubai  a review 2019, Dubai Aed
Saeed Al Maktoum House Dubai

The city of Dubai is known for its thrill and adventures. The majestic work of architect’s envelope
this beautiful sand city. A first-time traveler is bound to get mesmerized by seeing the enchanting
beauty of this beautiful city. I too am an admirer of this beautiful city of Dubai. Not only do the
skyscrapers but also the way people carry out their culture and tradition increases my respect
towards this city. Among the best places, so far I have visited in UAE; Saeed al Maktoum  House Dubai is
probably the best.
The memories of Saeed al Maktoum are still active in my mind. What makes it unique is its
historical significance. While UAE  boasts of its modern-day architecture, Saeed al Maktoum House Dubai is
known for its ancient structure. The place is readily accessible through public transport. You can
reach this beautiful monument, either by booking a cab or taking a bus from Ghubaiba bus station
or taking the metro from Ghubaib metro station. Plenty of tourist guides are available to guide you
well throughout the historical monument.
Saeed al Maktoum  House Dubai has quite a large area of over 3600 square meters. The entry fee is nominal just 3
A.E.D. Children below the age of 6 are charged only 1 A.E.D. One can visit the place from 3 in the
afternoon to 9:30 pm. With the addition to the low entry fee, there is no parking fee, which is an
additional benefit you get when you visit this place. I took the help of a guide who helped me to
know the integrate details of this place, from the past and the life of Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum.
The Saeed al Maktoum House was constructed in around 1896 in the Al Shindagha area. The house
was built so that it would have a strategic advantage at the protruding area above the Dubai Creek
or Khor Dubai. The place has also served as a residence of the Al Maktoum ruling family till the
year 1958 and has also been one of the premia stays for Dubai monarch. Since 1958, it has been
serving as one of the most crucial tourist attraction places in Dubai. The Saeed al Maktoum House
is a place which adds more value to the rich history and culture of Dubai.
We decide to visit the place in the morning to have the best view of the site. Dubai monarch
displayed simplicity in its vast area and did attract me in the very first go. The overwhelming
grandeur of historic architecture speaks volumes of the rich cultural past of Dubai and U.A.E. The
magnificent house displays the lives of the monarch in various photographs. There was a total of 9
wings, and we visited all of them. There was also a big display of historical documents concerning
the emirate of Dubai, consisting of ethnic coins, authentic jewelry, stamps, and other items.
This visit to such an important place provided us a perfect opportunity to learn about the history,
tradition and ancient society of Dubai. It also enriched me with loads of information regarding how
people lived in the community in the ancient era of Dubai. The sense of harmony between the
surrounding houses speaks volumes of the peaceful life that existed in Dubai back then.
The house’s external orifices were small, and the entrance was refracted, thereby letting them to
gradually enter into the spacious house hall through an indirect route. The houses were all South-
West faced, reflecting on the strong religious belief of the people. The kitchen was extra spacious
with the breeze flowing all around its corner. Paying a visit to the Saeed al Maktoum house was a
pleasing experience for me.