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Say Yes To Yas Island

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Have you ever visited the YAS ISLAND? If “no” then you missed out one of the fascinating place on the earth. Imagine how it feels when you plan to spend your vacations in a place where every kind of entertainment is present. Yes, I am talking about Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Recently I got a chance to visit Yas Island, which is a perfect place to go with family or friends, is a human-made island. Yas Island, located 20km off the coast of Abu Dhabi, occupies a total land area of 25 km2. You can only go there by car, plane or boat.
All places, no matter where, and what are worth visiting –PAUL THEROUX
Yas Island is famous for so many attractions among them YAS MARINA CIRCUIT is for motorsport fans. The Yas Marina Circuit is one of Abu Dhabi’s most iconic venues. It is precisely to host the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The circuit has five main stands for spectators so that they should not miss any action happening on the track. Visitors can enjoy the race by viewing it through Abu Dhabi hill. As Grand Prix will return to Yas Marina circuit at the end of the year, so do you think the track is closed until the end of the year? Then cheer up because the circuit is still used for number of ways, especially for its weekly events and other track day packages are available as well, including ‘Driver Experiences’, ‘Passenger Experiences’, ‘Private Driving Tuition’ programs and ‘Racing License Courses’ and beside that every Tuesday the track is open for public ( for free) to walk and jog.
Another attractive place of Yas Island is FERRARI WORLD; first Ferrari-branded theme park in Abu Dhabi has the most prominent Ferrari store and many dining options. Once you get under the big red roof, you will love to see the world’s biggest roller coaster and other rides, many Italian restaurants, and of course Ferrari store. Ferrari world is the leading tourist attraction. The main reason for the appeal is its red roof, which is a Ferrari badge sign. This indoor Ferrari theme park has the world’s fastest roller coaster known as Formula Rossa.
Don’t get upset if you are not a motorsport fan because I am sure you will get crazy if I tell you that Yas Island has the most adventurous place. I am talking about YAS WATER WORLD, it has the highest number of rides and slides, five of them are the massive water slides ever constructed, and the park has the distinction of the largest water park in Abu Dhabi. The most beautiful part of water Park is pearl diving and the yummiest food. The thrilling rides of Yas water world are amazing. Whenever you get a chance to visit Yas Island, don’t miss to whoop it up at Yas Water Park.
If you are a woman and you are reading this, then I can bet on what you are thinking now, that is, ‘no place for shopping’. Hold on because Yas Island has got YAS MALL for you as well. There are a lot of fashion brands (Zara, Nike, and many others) at Yas mall. Yas mall isn’t for shopping only; it has cinema as well as several dining options. The three floored mall has got so many exciting things for you that your only one visit won’t be enough. There is good news for apple lovers; they can find the capital’s only apple store at Yas mall. So Yas mall won’t let you down, whether you are planning to go there for shopping or a perfect dinner. This mall is directly linked to the Ferrari world.
The other attraction at Yas Island is YAS BEACH, a perfect place for relaxation. While your wife will be having a great day at Yas mall, you can have some rest at Yas beach. One can enjoy sun, sea, and food. There are plenty of activities for youths at Yas beach such as volleyball, outdoor gym, etc. Thus it offers a wide range of fun under the sun.
There is Yas Express, a complimentary shuttle bus service in Yas Island, which can take you to any of the attractions of Yas Island. There are many good hotels. Abu Dhabi’s most prominent adventure park offers summer packages as well. If you want to book you visit in the Yas Island in advance you can check the hotels at these websites-
Yas Island offers much more. It organizes different events from time to time. There are several other outdoor activities, so it guarantees you that you won’t get bored. It is a perfect place to have some fun either with your family or friends.
Visiting Yas Island should be on your to-do list. If you plan to take your family and friends to Yas Island, then I hope this article would have helped you in many ways. Don’t miss a chance to see this beautiful place.