The Shopping Retail Therapy in Dubai

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Shopping in Dubai:Wearing your best pair of boots on the floor buzzing with each of your steps, the place is a glitzy heaven of branded shops, spas, cinema, and chic boutiques. Several posh eateries confuse your mind, and you cannot decide where to go with all the handsomely lustrous shopping bags in your hands, so instead, you decide to go to Sephora. No harm in looking at some makeup that often has discounts marking them.

Or let’s change the setting a bit

The sun is beating on your head, sipping on the milkshake you had in the morning. The streets are crowded and you hear voices haggling over, “less dirhams, more dirhams, not really the accurate price, Habibi” Man, the sun is sizzling like burning coals but the aroma of oud across the bazaar is sensual to the senses, and the wide variety of stuff here is a vast pool to jump into regardless of the heat.

Another setting, please

The roof is way high like a low sky hanging far above your head, supported by enormous pillars. The hallway slightly echoes, but the market stretches wide. Everywhere there is a yellow shimmer. And you know what they say about gold, ‘all that glitters is always gold.’ Latest designs in the myriad of shops are waiting in the wings to blow your mind and empty your pockets within a matter of minutes.


Wondering what you are doing here in all these places? Oh, you guessed it, dudes and dudesses? Because the one thing common in all of these pictures is you carrying tons of shopping bags or scrutinizing some antique or glittery item or simply haggling over the dirhams (price) So, you’re all shopping, and you are all in Dubai where a wide variety of shopping stops prevail. Not to forget the shopping festival so renowned all over the blue globe. A festival, yay but a shopping festival, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay to the infinite!

So, who says that money can’t buy happiness? They probably did not know where to shop, which prolly means they don’t know about SHOPPING in DUBAI yet, for, Dubai is a country ready to magically draw the money out of your pockets with all ohs and awws embedded in the Arabian style bazaars, opulent malls, and souqs. You are gonna go oh-my-god berserk, and the money would simply spin out of your wallets, as all the lovely shopping fills your travel bags. Of course, what’s a trip without some (meaning a lot of) shopping? *wink-wink*

So enough of the shopaholic anthems, here is a look at how Dubai can be the heaven you have been looking for all your life?

The Spectacular Malls:
The Dragon Mall, Mall of Emirates, and The Dubai Mall are epitomes of big, bright, bold, and beautiful. With the cool air of air conditioning in your face, cafes, food courts, and eateries await to serve your hungry tummy like a Masterchef. Whether you want to take some tiny energy breaks between your shopping spree or you just want to hang out with your mates for a good lunch or refreshment, you have got it all in these malls.

Furthermore, there are art galleries, Ski Dubai (at the Mall of Emirates) theaters, and many more surprises here. So they are your all-in-one stop and ultimate shopping destination. And when it comes to shopping, you have a sea of options right in front of your eyes, ranging from Sephora to Paris Gallery, Harvey Nichols to Fendi, Nike to Designer boutiques, you have got it all.

The Sunny Souqs
Deira and Bur Dubai present to you souqs where haggling is the trend, and all the best cultural buys of Dubai sit to welcome you. Although it’s a bit ramshackle and hot there but a day ought to be dedicated to shopping in the Middle Eastern styled bazaars too. A heavy scent of oud and Arabic foods cloak the market. And you have got colorful Moroccan lamps, beaded cushion covers, rugs and carpets, textiles, spices, perfumes, bedspreads from India, antique trinkets from Yemen, and everything you have ever dreamt of.

Don’t forget the gold souqs that offer you the latest designs in jewelry of gold. It’s a glittering paradise really!

Souq Madinat Jumeirah
An incarnation of old Arabian style bazaars like those featured in your favorite Arabian fictional tale of the Wrath and the Dawn and Alladin, this is a place to head to when the sun’s intensity goes beyond your tolerance, but you have still not had enough of the middle eastern bazaars. The shopping center with wind towers and pretty courtyards has several souvenirs and fine quality carpets, rugs, and handcrafts for you.

Prices are higher here as compared to the souqs, but the quality also goes up with it. There are leather products, jewelry, and accessories, along with dozens of cafes, restaurants, and bars to relax.

From high-end, sophisticated designer stuff to local fashion and shopping material traded from all over the East, Dubai is the place for you and an answer to the puzzling question that pops in your mind every day: “Where’s it Shop O’ Clock? It’s Shop O’ Clock in Dubai!”

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