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Splash Spots in Dubai 2019

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Whether you’re someone who loves to sit by the beach and float in the figment of your imagination with the dipping sun’s orange fingers kissing your face or the sort of a person who loves to race against his adrenaline rush on a thrilling water ride, Dubai has got it all for you.
Dubai fulfills the needs of every variant of water lovers- fast or slow, lazy or agile; you can get a spot that suits your crazy or tired senses both. As for me, let’s see I am a combo of both the sides- the lazy and agile. Sometimes I am a sluggish snail slacking by the seaside murmuring:

“River, lazy river
carry me slowly out to sea…
…Shadows cover muddy banks
fish jump at their prey
Your scent fills my mind with memories
just like a song from yesterday”
Other times I am a shark, zipping through the water slides in the water parks at the speed of flash screaming at the top of my lungs, only to land in the water with a watery splash to sing, “No more sad songs.” There is no need to wonder where in the world I am having such a medley of fun. Cause let’s scream together, I scream, you scream, “My Dubai.”
So let’s count the water-filled fun zones for all:

  1. Wild Wadi
    You have probably heard of this place, as it is Dubai’s oldest water park or ‘you have already been there,’ In the latter case, you have a telepathic understanding with me that this water park in Dubai isn’t a place to ignore. It is the first place that comes to mind when we mention the water parks in Dubai.
    This 1999s water park has fantastic water rides for both the loner and the family. When you are there don’t forget to ride the ‘Jumeirah Sceirah’, a 120m slide packed with speed and thrill. Raft-based slides are also present at the park, and the Tantrum Alley allows four people to enjoy the ride at once. You can even book online to avoid the queue-
  2. The Beach Waterpark
    The Beach Waterpark is located on the Dubai Marina and is the one spot for the full family fun day. It entertains juniors and adults alike, offering rides such as the slides, trampolines, and climbing walls. The Splash Pad, don of the area, has specially made a lot of name with all its beautiful fountains, climbing frames, and tipper buckets to win the hearts of kiddos with you, didn’t I mention it’s a wicked family fun water place.
  3. Wadi Adventure
    This water spot has hit the water show in Dubai just recently and is a water park to double and triple the dose of fun. Here you get to not only zip through the slides to feel the power of lightning, but you can compete with the waves themselves by availing the facility to surf, kayak, and white water raft. High waves with a height of three meters are generated every 90 seconds to give you a challenge while surfing. Not surprised yet? Go for the zip line, climbing the wall, and rope course and take the notch on fun higher. You can book online from-
  4. Aquaventure
    Here is Dubai’s most prominent and best-est water park which is a package full of fun. Linked by the lazy vein of a river, the park is divided into two major sections or towers, as they call it, named ‘Neptune’ and ‘Poseidon’. Both “the fast and the furious,” as well as the slow snail-like rides, dot the water park. For those who want to give a treat to their thriller heart, ‘Leap of Faith’ and ‘Revenge’ in the Poseidon’s tower are best. So, here is to endless fun. You can book online tickets for Aquaventure and get discount coupons-
  5. Legoland Water Park
    This one is for kids out there, of course, I have to think of my junior brethren while crafting a list for you. The splash spot is present at the Dubai Parks and Resorts. The majority of the slides and rides encourage the little ones to move their muscles and race each other. Good for their growth, you know. For the brave big children, the park offers single slides that provide cheap thrills akin to Sia’s song, which means lots of fun. For the toddlers, the park has the Duplo Splash Safari. There are some brain exercises too. This place lets your young ones to “Build-A-Boat.” Here children can make their boats and then check if their little engineering tricks can stand the current of water.Want to book for your little ones? Online Booking is available-
    But instead of time traveling, you should present-travel to one of these fresh water parks to beat the heat. I am sure the Tarzan intrinsic to your soul will scream out loud.